Frequently asked questions

FAQ's: Textbooks

Q. What textbooks will I need and where can I buy them?
A. Required course textbooks are listed in the course information sheet, which can be accessed once you have successfully logged in to your course online. Textbooks can be purchased two ways:

  1. Ordered online via the Fanshawe Bookstore. Note: you will need to know your program code and course code to complete this process.
  2. Purchased in person at the Fanshawe Bookstore in room F1002. Note please be prepared to provide attendants with your course code so that they can help you find your appropriate textbook. You may contact the Bookstore at (519) 452-4260.

FAQ's: Logging in

Q. My course starts in a week. Why can't I see it?
A. You will not have access to your course until the official start date.

Q. Where do I find my student number / customer number?
A. Your student number is located on the top right corner of your receipt.

Q. Why doesn't my OntarioLearn course appear on FanshaweOnline?
A. Your OntarioLearn course is offered on a separate online platform. You can log in here

FAQ's: Registration and withdrawal deadlines

Q. When are the final deadlines for registering/withdrawing for a course?
A. For semester-specific deadlines, please view the current semester's Continuing Education Course Guide.

FAQ's: Testing and final exams

Q. My course has a final exam. How do I arrange this?
A. Most final exams can be taken in class or online. Consult your instructor for specifics. If you need to book an exam time at the College for whatever reason, please contact the Continuing Education office.

FAQ's: Final grades

Q. I have finished my course online. Where can I get my final grade?
A. Your grade should be calculated in your course's grade book on FanshaweOnline. However, your official final grade is only available on your WebAdvisor account. Please note: the posting of your grade may be delayed for approximately two weeks from your official course end.

For additional help, please contact the following individuals:

Registration/WebAdvisor issues
The Office of the Registrar
Telephone: (519) 452-4444

FanshaweOnline technical support 
Milad Zecharia, Lead Technician 
Telephone: (519) 452-4430 ext. 4518 

Program issues 
Valerie Currie, Academic Service Consultant – Distance Studies
Telephone: (519) 452-4430 ext. 4689