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Fanshawe’s Part-Time Studies programs, continuing education courses and microcredential digital badges are designed with your lifestyle and goals in mind. We’re dedicated to providing a variety of part-time options to upgrade your skills for both professional and personal growth. Whether you want to learn something new, change careers or re-enter the workforce, we have something for everyone.


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Hear from our Students

"I'm a huge fan of Part-Time Studies at Fanshawe College! It was 18 years before I got back into learning at a post-secondary level. I was nervous at first, but Fanshawe made it easy and gave me the confidence to invest in lifelong learning. I was able to study online and easily transition from work and home life to schoolwork simply by being able to schedule my learning when it was convenient for me. Now, I've been taking Fanshawe's new microcredential digital badges regularly as professional development to enhance my skills and knowledge in my field of work. If you’re looking for cost-effective, self-paced upskilling, I highly recommend Part-Time Studies at Fanshawe College!"


Janine S., Marketing Professional

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"The variety of deliveries and supports available with Fanshawe’s Part-Time Studies made it the right choice for me to gain professional development. I can plug away one course at a time while continuing to work full-time."


Amy S, Part-Time Student

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Best of London 2023 Winner

Fanshawe's Part-time Studies has won Best of London 2023 for Best Adult Education Centre/Career College for the 4th time.

Fanshawe prides itself on delivering an exceptional learning experience that fits within your schedule.


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