mend Student Massage Clinic

This notice is to inform you of a change in screening protocols starting March 21, 2022.

You will no longer have to complete the mend screening forms, both physical paper or online form, but you are still required to complete the online Fanshawe College visitor screening form prior to coming on campus. Please be sure to do this within 30 minutes of arrival so it's up to date and show proof at the reception desk when arriving to mend Student Massage Clinic. Just a reminder, you must fill this electronic form out each day you come to campus.

Just a reminder, if you have had COVID recently, we ask that you do not come to campus unless you are 24 hours symptom-free.

All masking protocols will continue for faculty, students and patients until April 27th, 2022 (as per directive 2 from Public Health and Fanshawe College requirements). This is regardless of the changes that the rest of the province is experiencing.

Thank you for your support. We look forward to treating you.

The mend student massage clinic is located in Room A1001, Fanshawe College, 1001 Fanshawe College Blvd. in London, Ontario, Canada. (Map)