The mend clinic provides massage therapy students with the opportunity to develop and perfect their massage therapy techniques with hands on clinical experience. The students will focus on a wide range of conditions and treatments which will allow them to apply their knowledge and skills. Further, the mend clinic will connect Fanshawe College with the community. This opportunity will help build relationships with local organizations providing even greater opportunities for community outreach and student development.


The mend student massage clinic is located in Room A1001, Fanshawe College, 1001 Fanshawe College Blvd. in London, Ontario, Canada. (Map)

Price adjustment: As of January 1st, 2024 the payment for all patients (public, students, faculty and alumni) at mend Student Massage Clinic will be $15.00 for a 45 minute massage treatment.

We appreciate all your support.
After careful consideration and consultation with other departments in the college, starting Wednesday November 16, 2022, we are temporarily re-instituting required masking protocols for students, professors, and patients who enter mend clinic until further notice.
For a variety of reasons, mainly the strong recommendation from Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer, the need to wear a mask in medical environments is going to assist in reducing the number of infections from a variety of sources (not just COVID but also RSV and Influenza). We will continue to monitor the situation and will update as needed.

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Mend offers assessments and massages at a small fee. Learn more about our services and the fees associated. 

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Massage Therapy Program

Massage Therapy (Accelerated) is a three-year Ontario College Advanced Diploma program offered in an accelerated format over two years. Students will learn to maintain, rehabilitate, and augment physical function to relieve pain. Students will be able to master their skills within the student-run clinic. Graduates will feel confident entering the workforce by having a strong understanding of massage theory and practice.

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Recent News

  • From February 1, 2024, YouCanBookMe will no longer be authorized to deliver booking-related emails (confirmations, reminders, follow-ups, etc) using your email address as the sender, without a Gmail integration.
  • The winter schedule, which runs from January 3rd to April 12th, 2024 will be posted on December 1st, 2023. We look forward to seeing you all in the new year. Thank you for all your support.
  • As our term is almost complete, we wanted to thank our patients for all their support. We will be closed June 16th, 2023, but will be re-opening for our fall term in September. Our online schedule will be posted mid-August. We look forward to seeing you this fall.

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Confidentiality Agreement

Massage Therapists are advised that giving information about a client to any person except as required or allowed by law or except to facilitate diagnosis or treatment of a client is considered to be professional misconduct under the Professional Misconduct Regulations.


mend Massage Therapy students have a responsibility to their clients to keep all records confidential. The students may share client information with fellow mend student therapists and with clinical instructors without written consent as stated on your consent form that you will sign.