How to apply to Fanshawe

  1. Complete the Fanshawe College online application for admission.
    • Remember to attach all relevant supporting documents (high school transcript, college transcript and/or diploma, university transcript and/or degree);
    • Make sure you pay your application fee of CAD 100.00 by credit card or by bank wire transfer. Instructions to do so are provided at the end of the online application.
  2. Wait for your Letter of Admission. Fanshawe College International Centre will assess the application and provide you with a Letter of Admission as soon as possible.
    • Please note: You may be required to submit a tuition deposit prior to (or within 30 days) of receiving a Letter of Admission.
  3. Apply for a visa by bringing your Letter of Admission to your country's Canadian Embassy or Consulate.
    • Each Canadian Embassy or Consulate has a specific list of required documents – make sure you check with them for this list.
  4. In order to secure your admission to Fanshawe College, we must receive certain pieces of documentation. View the summary to ensure all documents are submitted by the deadlines. 


View Fanshawe's Application Guide

Apply to Fanshawe

When you have your visa:


Learn more about visas. student permits, work permits and custodianships 

Getting your work permit

Getting your study permit

Transferring to another institution​​​​​​​​​​


Minors coming to Fanshawe to study without a parent/legal guardian will need additional documents if they are less than 17 years of age. The minor must be cared for by a responsible adult in Canada, known as a custodian. In some cases, a custodian may also be needed for minors between 17 and 18. This will be at the discretion of an immigration officer. 

Effective February 1, 2017, custodianship services are available through Fanshawe College, if required, for a one-time application fee of $250.  *Note:  This fee is non-refundable.   


We require the standard custodianship declaration form as well as a signed agreement. Please request the agreement by email:  


These documents must be completed and sent to:  

For more information about custodianship, please visit the Canadian government website 


If you require assistance throughout the application process at any time, please contact the Fanshawe College International Centre:

Tel: 519-452-4150

How to choose an agent

What to look for when choosing an educational agent

Students can decide whether or not they want to use an educational agent.  Agents do not have special access to our programs and services – and cannot guarantee your admission to Fanshawe College or guarantee you a study permit.  Fanshawe College cannot monitor the business practices of all independent educational agencies, so please note that using an agency is the sole responsibility of the student and his/her family.

  • Talk to friends and family living in Canada;
  • Ask any potential agent to show you their valid Fanshawe College Agency Certificate and/or Agreement;
  • Discuss the services they provide and the fees for each service – and ask for the information in writing;
  • If it sounds too good to be true, you can always ask Fanshawe College about it;
  • Do not leave original academic documents, passport or tuition fee payments with the agent;
  • Tuition fees are always made payable to Fanshawe College – never to the agent;
  • You own the original "Letter of Acceptance" to Fanshawe – and the agent must give you the original document;


If you have any questions or concerns about any educational agents, please email:

Saurabh Malhotra, Director, International Recruitment & Market Development at

Transfer Information 

Advanced Standing is credit granted by Fanshawe College for all or most of the courses of a program level(s) on the basis of previous academic achievement at another institution and/or prior learning assessment and recognition. Advanced standing qualifies the applicant for direct entry to the second or higher level of the program.  


To apply for Advanced Standing, please complete the International Online Application. Make a note on the application form that advanced standing is being requested. Once Fanshawe has received the application information, including the $100 Application Fee, an acknowledgement will be sent to the applicants, requesting the following, if not already received: 

  • Certified post-secondary transcripts 
  • Course outlines of all the courses that you have achieved credit in. 


Each school at Fanshawe is responsible for establishing its policies and procedures for evaluating applications for Advanced Standing. The academic managers are responsible for approving or not approving an application for Advanced Standing. 

If you have any questions about Advanced Standing please contact International at: