On March 28th and 29th 2022, members of the CMTCA will be doing their on-site visits for our accreditation review.

They are asking patients to participate in the process. This may be conducted in a very short verbal interview/survey either before or after your appointment or possibly through a very short virtual/phone conversation.  Please advise us (via mend email) if you are willing to participate and if so, please provide some contact information (either email or cell number) on or before March 14th, 2022 so that we can provide the CMTCA with a list of willing participants.  Your conversations with the CMTCA are confidential and we will never know who gave any answers to questions.   

This is a normal part of the accreditation process, which will help us provide the best learning environment for our students and contribute to their becoming competent, safe and effective professional massage therapists.
We greatly appreciate you time and thank you for your support.
Team mend