Teaching Competencies diagram, highlighting Curriculum DesignIf you have a lesson plan,

…you have a resource to share with your program team.

…you have a means of reflective practice.

…you are (and feel) organized and confident.


An effective lesson plan will ensure you link 1) lesson learning objectives, 2) teaching and learning methodologies and 3) evaluation. Fanshawe has prepared two lesson plan templates with these three elements, but numerous templates are available online. Even better are templates that prompt you to link your lesson objectives to course outcomes, to check for student learning, and to reflect on your lesson post-delivery. Find a template that works for you and make it your own! Such a simple tool, but essential for the Teacher Toolbox.

Lesson Plan Templates

Basic Template (Template downloads as Word Document)

Comprehensive Template (Template downloads as Word Document)


Workshops Available

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