Orientation to College Teaching

It is our goal to support your success as a teacher. OCT is a program designed for part-time faculty who are brand new to teaching at Fanshawe College. The program includes podcasts, webinars and online courses that further support the Teaching and Learning Excellence initiative at Fanshawe College.



1. Online Podcasts:

  • Four FanshaweOnline (FOL) Essentials podcasts: 
    • Login & Basic Navigation 
    • Finding Your Course & Edit Widget 
    • Creating a New Announcement 
    • Emailing Using the Class List
  • Course Information: Course Outlines, Learning Outcomes & Evaluation 
  • Planning Your Lesson: Organizing your objectives, activities and assessments. Creating lesson goals & using lesson plan templates


2. OCT Live Sessions: Either virtual or face-to-face
  • Introduction to Online Teaching 
  • Overview of Fanshawe's teaching online development resources
  • FOL Basics Presentation

OCT Live Sessions Schedule
August 29, 6:30pm-8:30pm OR September 10, 9:00am-12:00pm


FOL Essentials Webinar

Once you have network access, you should register for one of the FOL Essentials live virtual sessions in Fanshawelearns; you'll receive the webinar links upon registering.

Digital Teaching & Learning Program

Course I - Digital Teaching & Learning: This course will provide an overview of eLearning at Fanshawe, help to familiarize you with the basics of online teaching and learning, explore the benefits and challenges of teaching in a technology-enabled environment, as well as using the College’s learning management system called FanshaweOnline (FOL).


Suggested Live FOL Webinars in Fanshawelearns

Once you have network access, you may register for live virtual sessions in Fanshawelearns; you’ll receive the webinar links upon registering.


How to Register
Contact your Hiring Manager (Assoc. Dean, Program Manager, etc.)


Program Contacts: Organizational Development and Learning

Eric Sloat: esloat@fanshawec.ca

Caleigh Monk: cmonk@fanshawec.ca 

Kim Wilmink: kwilmink@fanshawec.ca