Rewarding your hard work

Fanshawe is excited to offer over $220,000 in regional entrance scholarships available for international students. We welcome over 8,500 international students from over 120 countries each year. We value your academic, English and leadership achievements and want to reward your hard work. 

To be eligible for any of these Entrance Scholarships, you must be registered as a full-time student and be a citizen from the applicable region. 

Scholarships for international students at Fanshawe College are generally in-program awards based on students’ academic performance (and other criteria) at Fanshawe College after the first term of their academic program is completed.


Please note the following:

  • Only successful applicants will be notified
  • Successful entrance scholarship recipients are not eligible to apply again for an entrance second scholarship or bursary
  • Awards are provided for students based on the eligibility requirements as outlined below.
Photo of Fanshawe's International Entrance Scholarship Award Recipients


When To Apply

You can apply for a scholarship the month following completion of level one of your program.


Academic Start APPLICATION Date  
Fall (September) January
Winter (January & March) May 
Summer (May) September


How to Apply

Search your country of origin within the "Awards Available" section to find more information on available scholarships. If there is an award available for your country of origin, fill out the form below to connect with your educational advisor. 

Awards Available

In addition to the country-specific awards, we have an International Degree Entrance Award for students in our Degree programs. The International Degree Entrance Award is available for all countries. 

International Degree Entrance Award

Award Value 

Total of $30,000.00 in funding to be disbursed over the academic year. 

Eligibility (at time of selection and award) 

  • Be an international visa student with a valid Study Permit (to be confirmed by International Office) 
  • Be registered full-time in a Bachelor’s degree program 
  • Be in level 1 (or first semester with advanced standing) and registered for level 2 

Selection Method 

Award recipients will be confirmed by the International Centre for any semester. Awards will be granted based on availability of funds.  

When award is disbursed 

Students receive the award upon successful completion of their level 1. Successful completion of level 1 is defined as completing level 1 with a minimum GPA of 2.5 and continuing into level 2. 

  • October for May recipients 
  • February for September recipients 
  • June for January recipients 

How  the award is disbursed 

  • Cheque; or 
  • Tuition payment if there’s a balance outstanding for current semester. 


Award Decision

Successful scholarship award recipients will be selected by a committee established by the College; the committee will have representation from academic divisions. The decision of the committee is final and cannot be appealed. Only the recipients of the scholarships will be notified by email.

Don't worry if you don't receive one of these scholarships, Fanshawe has over $144,750 in other program-specific scholarships, awards, and bursaries that you can apply for later as a returning student. For more information on these, please visit the Fanshawe Scholarships page.