Outbound Exchange

The Fanshawe College Exchange program is an exciting opportunity for students to study abroad for one or two semesters, in English, while paying their regular Fanshawe tuition! Please read through the following sections to learn more about your opportunities. You can also email studyabroad@fanshawec.ca with any questions you might have. 

Fanshawe has formal exchange agreements with 29 universities and colleges in 15 different countries. When you study on an exchange, you will spend one semester at one of these partner institutions, taking local classes, taught by local faculty, with local students. No matter which country you study in, your classes will always be taught in English – though you might have to shop for groceries in French, Finnish, or Spanish! 

At the end of the semester, your credits will transfer back to Fanshawe and you will continue in your regular Fanshawe program as though you had never left, but with an incredible international learning experience on your resume. 

Exchange Opportunities

Find what programs have exchange opportunities and the partnering institutions.

Other Opportunities Abroad

From short-term summer programs to field studies or even degree completion abroad.  

Cost and Scholarships

The cost of studying abroad is likely lower than you think! There are no extra fees to Fanshawe College for an exchange. Students studying on an exchange are also eligible to apply for the Fanshawe College International Exchange Opportunity Scholarship. This scholarship has a value of $2,500.00 for 4 months of study abroad 

Cost Overview Savings

Tuition & Fees (to Fanshawe)



Health Insurance

Visas (country dependent)

Personal Travel and Living Expenses

No fee to Fanshawe to participate

You can use OSAP during your exchange

Significantly lower textbook costs overseas


Are you interested in taking a semester abroad?

You can find all the information you need about the application process, credit transfers, scholarships, preparation and safety within Fanshawe’s student portal 

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