There are many ways to include an international learning experience during your studies at Fanshawe. From short-term week-long field studies to 4 months on exchange; travelling alone or as part of a group; studying, volunteering or working; find the option that’s best for you!

Exchange: Study for one semester at one of our prestigious partner institutions around the world. You will pay your regular Fanshawe tuition while studying abroad at the partner institution. You will take their classes, taught by their teachers, with their students! In most cases, students receive 100% credit transfer back to their program at Fanshawe.

Short-term summer programs: Spend one month travelling with a group of students and learning about your new host country! Each program offers 1 or 2 classes related to the historical, cultural, political, and/or environmental context of the host country. Destinations vary by year and are always exciting!

Cultural Exchange in Japan: Each summer 4 Fanshawe students are selected to participate in a cultural exchange program at our partner institution in Japan, Ibaraki Christian University. Students take basic Japanese language classes and communications courses, help in the local Japanese pre-school, and study with Japanese students. They also participate in cultural activities and have opportunities to explore the country.

Field Studies Opportunities: Some Fanshawe diploma and advanced diploma programs offer regular field studies opportunities to travel with a Fanshawe faculty member and fellow students, and apply your learning abroad. Students have participated in field study programs in Brazil, Costa Rica, India, Italy, England, and the USA.

Co-op Abroad: Fanshawe College encourages its students to seek co-op or placement opportunities outside of Canada. You will not find a better way to gain work experience and international experience at the same time! Opportunities currently exist all over the world through a number of international placement agencies.

Finish your degree abroad: For many students, Fanshawe College is just the beginning of their post-secondary education. Graduates can pursue degree options at universities in Canada, but also in the United States, Ireland, Australia, England, Wales, and more!