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Photo of all the staff members of the International Department

International Centre - E2025
Fanshawe College of Applied Arts and Technology
1001 Fanshawe College Boulevard, P.O. Box 7005
London, ON Canada N5Y 5R6


Fanshawe College main line: 519-452-4430

International Centre front desk: 519-452-4150

International Centre fax: 519-659-9393

Main email contacts:

Central and South America, Caribbean, Eastern and Western Europe, Russia, United States Email:
India Email:
Africa Email:
Asia Pacific Regions Email:
All other inquiries Email:

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photo of Wendy Curtis

Wendy Curtis,
Executive Director
519-452-4430 x4187

Wendy leads the International Services Office at Fanshawe College and directs International recruitment and internationalization efforts at the college. Wendy works to ensure that International and Canadian students receive excellent service in International Education. Wendy has been serving students at Fanshawe College since 1985.


Saurabh Malhotra

Saurabh Malhotra,
Manager, International Recruitment & Market Development (South Asia and Africa)
519-452-4430 x5034

Saurabh joined Fanshawe's International team in India in February 2010 and has been working at the main campus since March 2017 as Manager. He still works closely with the team in India to ensure our partners and students continue to experience the level of service they have grown to expect from Fanshawe College.


photo of Brianne Dos Santos

Brianne Dos Santos,
Manager, International Centre
519-452-4430 x3959

Brianne has worked in international education for the past 17 years, in both the private and public sector, and has been at Fanshawe since May 2011. Brianne is responsible for helping the college meet its international enrolment goals, and manages international admissions, related processes, and the day to day operations within the International Centre.


Photo of Mandy Kuipers

Mandy Kuipers,
Assistant to the Executive Director
519-452-4430 x6150

Mandy is responsible for providing assistance in all areas to the Executive Director in the International Centre. She also manages the calendars of the Executive Director and the Manager of International Recruitment and Development.


Photo of Sue McKittrick

Sue McKittrick,
Communications, Recruitment and Enrolment Coordinator
519-452-4430 x6153

Sue is responsible for developing and coordinating communications to help increase international student enrolment. She also works closely with all in-country representatives, ensuring they have market-specific materials and messaging that will help them attract and retain Fanshawe College students.


photo of Caitlin Smith

Caitlin Smith,
International Projects & Exchange Coordinator
519-452-4430 x2994

With 3 exchange experiences herself, Caitlin promotes international study abroad opportunities for Fanshawe students. She also manages incoming exchange students to encourage student global outlook development. Caitlin works closely with international partners to support Fanshawe international projects abroad and is your contact for questions related international scholarships, study abroad opportunities, and international projects.


Photo of Joy Jia

Joy Jia,
Regulated International Student Immigration Advisor (RISIA)
519-452-4430 x6056

Joy specializes in understanding the Canadian Immigration regulations that apply to international students.  She liaises with faculty and staff across the college to ensure that all college personnel understand the unique immigration requirements of international students.  She also provides complimentary assistance to our students regarding their immigration status, including applications for various permits and visas.


Photo of Melissa Barr

Melissa Barr,
International Arrivals, Settlement and Visitor Services Facilitator
519-452-4430 x4767

Melissa is responsible for making arrangements for the Arrivals and Settlement for International students. She also organizes the Airport Pickup service which provides students with free transportation to London from Toronto’s Pearson Airport.


photo of Shannon Amaral

Shannon Amaral,
Student Service Representative

Shannon works at the front counter of the International Centre and collaborates with our international student ambassadors to promote student success and assists students with general inquiries or requests.


Faduma Green
Student Service Representative

Our admissions team:

International Regional Associates receive and reply to international student inquiries associated with their region (see below).  They assist with student applications, issuing letters of admission, processing program changes and fee payments from overseas.

Photo of Jen Fowler 

Jen Fowler,
International Regional Associate -  Latin America, Middle East, Europe, Caribbean, U.S., Australia
519-452-4430 x3903

Jen is also involved in the applications for the Fanshawe EAP/Western pathway which includes the affiliated colleges King’s, Brescia and Huron.


Gurneet Kaur

Gurneet Kaur,
International Regional Associate, India
519-452-4430 x6157

Gurneet provides support in Hindi and Punjabi.


Luna Ren

Luna Ren,
International Regional Associate – Asia Pacific
519-452-4430 x6155

Luna provides support in Mandarin as well as Korean.


Jennifer Bishop

Jennifer Bishop,
International Regional Associate – Africa
519-452-4430 x4008


Rubelyn Smith

Rubelyn Smith,
International Regional Associate - Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Nepal, Pakistan, Asean Region
519-452-4430 x6151

Rubelyn assists students with refunds and/or withdrawals, as well as agent commissions. She also assists the other International Regional Associates with applications, issuing letters of admissions and program changes.

Our student life coordinators:

Student life coordinators provide support and guidance to our international students.  This includes advising students on program selection and career pathways, referring students to appropriate college services and providing support for any on campus issues such as social networking, campus involvement, issues in housing, etc.


Photo of (Jessie) Chen Shi

Chen (Jessie) Shi,
International Student Life Coordinator
519-452-4430 x4278



Photo of Cynthia Konnerth

Cynthia Konnerth,
International Student Life Coordinator
519-452-4430 x3948



Photo of Laura Costigan

Laura Costigan,
International Student Life Coordinator
519-452-4430 x4030


Our recruiting team:


Pranav Rathi,
Senior Advisor, India Recruitment


Photo of Mayank Jhingon

Mayank Jhingon,
Senior Advisor, India Recruitment



Vidhi Mathur,
Lead Admissions Officer


Photo of Xiaobin (John) Yang

Xiaobin (John) Yang,
Asia Specialist
519-452-4430 x4372



Photo of Joey Zou

Joey Zou,
International Education Advisor


Latin America and Jamaica

Photo of Nelson Melgar

Nelson Melgar,
International Education Advisor
519-452-4430 x4072



Galyna Arnautova

Galyna Arnautova,
International Education Advisor


Africa, Middle East, Gulf States, Turkey

Photo of Ayşem Onar

Ayşem Onar El-Hennawy,
International Education Advisor


Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan

Photo of Junhyun (Jay) Park

Junhyun (Jay) Park
International Education Advisor



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