All employees of Fanshawe College, including full and part-time faculty, support staff, administrators and contractors, and those who interact on Fanshawe's behalf, are required by law to complete accessibility training.


A recent directive from the Ontario Human Rights Commission has resulted in changes to how the College responds to requests for mental health accommodations.

Of significance to faculty is that students may request interim accommodation for mental health disabilities pending receipt of medical documentation, and may request retroactive accommodations after a deadline, test or course completion. Retroactive accommodations must now be meaningfully considered. An additional change in process is that professors can henceforth receive accommodation forms directly from students or from their accessibility counsellors.


More information as well as resources to support faculty is available on this page and on FOL.

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You can access the following modules on Fanshawelearns:

  • AODA - Information and Collunication Standards
  • AODA - General Requirements
  • AODA -  Accessibility Training for Educators
  • AODA - Customer Service Standard
  • AODA - The Code and AODA

Accessibility Resources

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