Health & Safety

Fanshawe College is committed to providing a safe and healthy work and learning environment for its employees, students, visitors, clients and contractors.
Employees should access health and safety information via MyFanshawe.


Student Issues & Incident Reports

If you encounter any student issues, unexpected situations, or any other issue requiring additional guidance, consult with your Course Leader, Coordinator or Academic Manager, as appropriate. In the event of any difficulties or conflicts with students, you should document the precise details of any situations/incidents in WRITING as soon as possible. In an instance where you or a student is injured or has a near miss, you are required to report this incident to the college using the incident report form.

Security Services

Emergency Alert

Employees logged into their PC’s (including podiums) are able to send requests to Security for urgent assistance by clicking on the green square with an exclamation point in a white triangle icon located on the system tray (bottom toolbar) of their PC. To use the notification alert in an emergency, TRIPLE CLICK the icon and a notification will be sent to Campus Security Services to let them know you require immediate assistance. You will see a message that confirms ‘Security has been notified’.


Work Alone Program

This is a FREE service, and is available to anyone working late on campus.  Service is available 24/7/365.  You can activate the service any time when working late by visiting the Control Centre (D1027) or calling 519-452-4400 or extension 4400.  You will be asked for your location and contact information, and how long you expect to be at the College.  When you call to use the service, the operator will contact you every hour throughout the evening or dispatch a guard to check in with you.

You MUST call the service before leaving the campus for the evening.
If the operator calls you and you don’t answer, they will leave message and dispatch a guard. If you are not located, the operator will contact your emergency numbers. We ask that you please call the service before leaving the campus for the evening, to let us know when you will no longer need the service.

For additional information visit Campus Security Services .