The following is a list of mandatory training that all faculty at Fanshawe College must complete on FOL or/and Face to Face:

AODA - Accessibility Awareness for Educators - Fanshawelearns


This training provides you with an introduction to AODA, IASR and their impact on program, course design, delivery, instruction, sample strategies for improving accessibility, and Universal Design for Learning as one framework for accessible education that removes barriers. 

AODA - Customer Service Standards - Fanshawelearns


Under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), Fanshawe College will have to meet accessibility standards with the goal of making Ontario fully accessible by 2025. As College employees you have an important role to play in helping people with disabilities gain greater access to Fanshawe.

AODA - General Requirements - Fanshawelearns


This program will cover basic information about AODA, comprehensive details about its standards, and the benefits they offer to the College community.

AODA- The Code and the AODA - Fanshawelearns


Rights and responsibilities under the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). Introduction to the Code and AODA standards and how they work together.

CEDP Phases I, II & III (Mandatory for Full-Time Faculty)


CEDP is a three-phase teacher training program coordinated by a group of representatives from the six Western Region Colleges. Through its residential nature (teachers live in the College’s student dorm) and team structure, the program fosters support for new teachers and encourages ongoing discussion of teaching ideas, experiences, challenges and successes. For more information visit the CEDP page.

Copyright Literacy in Ontario Colleges - Fanshawelearns


The Canadian copyright environment has seen many changes in the last few years and these changes directly impact copyright practices for our academic community. With support from Colleges Ontario Heads of Libraries and Learning Resources (HLLR) and legal counsel, a number of Ontario colleges came together to build a series of online learning modules to ensure employees can apply copyright guidelines effectively.

Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act - Fanshawelearns


​A brief overview of the FIPPA legislation and how it affects your role in the College.

Health & Safety Awareness - Fanshawelearns


By the end of the session you will be able to recognize safety hazards on the job, and how to work in a safe manner.

New Faculty Orientation


This full day workshop is scheduled regularly for all new full time faculty hires to the College. New faculty are given a general introduction to Fanshawe College with an opportunity to meet each other and some of the key staff and departments. Also scheduled on this day is a workshop with the Benefits & Compensation department.

Respect in the Workplace - Fanshawelearns


Together we can ensure a learning and working environment that demonstrates acceptable interpersonal conduct and is free from personal harrasment. As a community, we are expected to continue to the development of a respectful environment, and discourage the offensive behaviour of others.

Teaching Circles (Mandatory for Full-Time Faculty)


Informal and fun, for new full-time faculty beginning their second year of teaching. Teaching Circles is an opportunity to meet and share with other new full time faculty. Learn about strategies for preventing or working out problems. Help others become better teachers as you share your expertise and knowledge. Learn about resources in and out of the college that can help in your continuous professional development.

WHMIS Basic - Fanshawelearns


​The Workplace Hazardous Material Information System or WHMIS was developed to ensure the workers have safer, healthier workpaces. It provides information on the safe use of hazardous materials in the workplace, to stop injuries, illness and and death of workers exposed to controlled products