What are course outlines?

A course outline is a summary document of essential course information, which includes learning outcomes and evaluations in a standardized format. This document is a primary resource for students to identify assignments, important dates and other supporting information.

What are course outlines used for?

Credit transfer: course outlines are used to see if a course you took may be equivalent in learning outcomes, course content, labs, etc. to transfer to or from another postsecondary institution.

PLAR: course outlines are also used to see if learning you have acquired outside of school, through experiential and/or non-formal learning, may be equivalent to a Fanshawe course for the purpose of obtaining academic credit.

How do I obtain course outlines? 

To request course outlines:

  1. Visit the Course Outline Mapping and Management System
  2. Complete the access form;
  3. Once in the Course Outline System, filter by Academic Year & Program Name/Code to find course outlines for an entire program, or use the "Search" function to find Course Outlines for specific courses;
  4. Once the list of courses appears, click on the "Add to Cart" button next to each course required;
  5. Click on "Go to Cart";
  6. Click on "Check Out Now";
  7. You will receive an email with a link to each Course Outline requested.

Course outlines are not available for:

  • For outlines prior to 2004, contact the Registrar’s Office at records@fanshawec.ca
  • For 2004 - present outlines not found, contact your Program Coordinator;
  • For credit transfer and PLAR questions, contact an Admissions and Pathways Advisor in the Advising Centre.

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