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Our current course offering is presented in English with Spanish options coming soon. All workshops include evaluation exercises, quizzes and reflective practices. Once you successfully complete a course, you will receive a Fanshawe digital badge that you can upload to social media and an electronic certificate of completion.

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Human Resources Series

Dealing with Difficult People

6 hours | CAD $111

This course helps you to recognize the signs of escalating conflict and take proactive measures to reduce the impact of that conflict and improve business results. You will develop new skills that will enable you to communicate more effectively, build trust, strengthen your team and achieve desired results.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and manage your reactions when dealing with conflict
  • List conflict resolution models and methods
  • Develop a variety of strategies for dealing with difficult people and situations
  • Gain a broader understanding of respect in the workplace
  • Understand factors that hamper a respectful workplace environment
  • Identify and practice strategies for communicating concerns constructively
Tratar con personas difíciles | 6 horas

Este curso lo ayuda a reconocer los signos de un conflicto y a tomar medidas pro-activas para reducir el impacto de éste y mejorar resultados comerciales. Desarrollará nuevas habilidades que le permitirán comunicarse de manera más eficaz, generar confianza y fortalecer a su equipo.

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Building Consensus with Your Team

3 hours | CAD $81

You will learn about the importance of engaging and motivating your employees as well as how to address regular leadership challenges in a way that creates a mutually satisfying work environment for you and your team.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding how to develop and manage a team that functions purposefully and efficiently 
  • Describe key motivators for increased employee engagement
  • Leverage tools to enhance team results through motivation, collaboration and influencing skills
Construyendo consenso con su equipo | 3 horas

Aprenderá sobre la importancia de involucrar y motivar a sus empleados para optimizar la eficiencia en un ambiente de equipo mutuamente satisfactorio.

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Conflict Resolution

2 hours | CAD $75

Managing conflict is an essential skill in every workplace. In this course, participants will learn de-escalation techniques and understand the cycle of aggression from both staff and customer perspectives. This will help participants manage conflict and situations more effectively through body language, listening skills, and personal space.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify your reactions to dealing with conflict
  • Develop an understanding of the five conflict strategies
  • Examine conflict resolution models and methods
  • Understand what makes people 'difficult' to work with and how you can address these situations  
  • Develop a variety of strategies for dealing with difficult people
Resolución de conflictos | 2 horas

Manejar los conflictos es una habilidad esencial en todos los lugares de trabajo. En este curso, los participantes aprenderán técnicas de mitigación y comprenderán el ciclo de agresión. Esto ayudará a los participantes a manejar conflictos y situaciones de manera más efectiva a través del lenguaje corporal, las habilidades para escuchar y el espacio personal.

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Software Series

Microsoft 365 Overview

3 hours | CAD $81

Microsoft's Office software suite has persisted as a market leader since its inception. Office 365 has brought the renowned product line to the cloud so that users are able to access applications and store data from any device. This course will familiarize participants with the interface and navigation of Office 365, as well as explain the included applications and provide some tips and tricks for use.

Learning Outcomes

  • Access and navigate Office 365
  • Effectively access all included applications
  • Ability to choose the correct application for a given task
  • Better collaborate with colleagues via file-sharing and communication tools
  • Understand what the cloud is and how it works
Familiarización de Microsoft 365 | 3 horas

La suite de Microsoft Office ha persistido como líder del mercado desde sus inicios. Office 365 ha llevado la reconocida línea de productos a la nube, lo que permite a los usuarios acceder a aplicaciones y almacenar datos desde cualquier dispositivo. Este curso familiarizará a los participantes con la interfaz y la navegación de Office 365, además de explicar las aplicaciones incluidas y proporcionar algunos consejos y trucos.

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Windows 10 Intro

2 hours | CAD $75

Windows' operating systems are the most used in the world, especially in the personal computer market. Familiarity and ability to leverage features in their newest operating system is a necessity in practically every occupation. This course will familiarize participants with key features of Windows 10 and teach tips and tricks for efficient use of the operating system.

Learning Outcomes

  • Improve your familiarity and confidence with using Windows 10
  • Understand and leverage the many functions of the new interface
  • Learn how to customize the start menu
  • Understand the differences between Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer
  • Examine the Microsoft Store and apps
Introducción a Windows 10 | 2 horas

Los sistemas operativos Windows son los más populares del mundo, especialmente en el mercado de las computadoras personales. La familiaridad y la capacidad de aprovechar las funciones de su último sistema operativo es imprescindible en prácticamente todas las profesiones. Este curso familiarizará a los participantes con las características clave de Windows 10 y enseñará consejos y trucos para el uso general del sistema operativo.

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