Share Your Knowledge Through Mentoring

Mentoring students as an industry professional is an incredibly rewarding experience that contributes to both the personal and professional growth of the mentor and the mentee. 

As a mentor, industry professionals have the opportunity to share their wealth of knowledge, expertise, and real-world insights with students who are eager to embark on their career journeys. By providing guidance, support, and constructive feedback, mentors play a vital role in shaping the aspirations and ambitions of students. 

Through regular interactions, they can help students navigate the complexities of their chosen field, clarify their career goals, and develop essential skills required in the industry. Mentoring also fosters a strong sense of community and mutual learning, as industry professionals gain fresh perspectives and innovative ideas from their mentees.

Leap Junction

Leap Junction is Fanshawe College’s entrepreneurship centre. We provide one-on-one consultations, opportunities for networking, events, and workshops for any student or alumni interested in exploring entrepreneurship. 

If you have the firsthand experience of launching your own business, your insights and expertise can make a meaningful impact on current students and alumni. Consider joining us to share your entrepreneurial journey through an engaging presentation.


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