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A Program Advisory Committee (PAC) is a group of external industry professionals, employers, and subject matter experts who provide guidance and input to ensure the relevance and quality of a specific academic program. The committees are established for various programs to bridge the gap between academia and the professional world.

PACs provide a vital connection between Fanshawe College and industries in our community. The key insights that are gained from PAC members ensure that Fanshawe students are set up for success when they enter those industries. 

Benefits of Joining a PAC

Curriculum Review and Development: provide feedback on the program's curriculum, ensuring that it aligns with industry standards, best practices, and emerging trends.

Industry-Relevant Skills: help identify the essential skills and competencies that graduates should possess to succeed in the workforce.

Labour Market Insights: share insights into local or regional job market demands, helping the institution adapt the program to meet the specific needs of employers in the area.

Program Evaluation: periodically review the program's performance and outcomes to assess its effectiveness in preparing students for their careers.

Accreditation and Compliance: for some PACs, you may also play a role in maintaining accreditation standards set by professional organizations or regulatory bodies. 

PAC Member Process and Experience

Membership is by invitation from the Dean (or designate) of an academic school and includes a three-year term, with the opportunity for reappointment. PACs meet a minimum of once per academic year (September to August), starting the academic year in which a program is launched. PAC meetings are not required in academic years where an external focus group is held as part of the program review. 

Schools may choose to hold more than one PAC meeting per academic year and may choose to hold a separate PAC meeting in addition to a meeting held as part of the program review. PAC meetings may be held on campus or virtually. 

Who is eligible? 

  • Committee members must meet the following requirements:
  • Members have a direct interest in the occupational area addressed by the program(s).
  • Members have an arm’s length relationship with the Board of Governors and the College. 
  • Members must not be full-time or part-time employees or students connected to the program.

Program advisory committee must be comprised as follows: 

  • Representing a cross-section of external stakeholders with a diversity of experience and expertise in the occupational area addressed by the program(s) (e.g., professional associations, certifying bodies, employers, practitioners, graduates, educational institutions, community agencies, voluntary organizations).
  • Representing the geographic area served by the College and reflects the cultural and economic interests of the area.
  • Based on a minimum of 7 members.
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