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Connecting with Fanshawe students and graduates can be highly beneficial for businesses seeking to expand their talent pool and drive innovation. Students and graduates bring fresh perspectives, up-to-date knowledge, and a strong desire to make a meaningful impact in their chosen fields. 

By engaging with this talented pool of emerging professionals, businesses have the opportunity to tap into a diverse range of skills, expertise, and cutting-edge ideas. Connecting with post-secondary students and graduates allows businesses to build long-term relationships, cultivate a pipeline of potential future employees, and establish their brand as an attractive employer. 

Upcoming Events

Career Opportunities Fair

Date: September 25, 2024

Cost: $355, HST included 

Location: Fanshawe College London Campus
The Career Opportunities Fair is held twice a year, in March and September. It is open to all students and alumni and is a multi-disciplinary event. Attendees will be seeking full-time, part-time, seasonal or co-op employment opportunities. This event is attended by approximately 2,000 students and 150+ employers.

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Employer Appreciation Dinner

Date: TBD

Cost: FREE

Fanshawe partners with a great community of local employers to secure employment opportunities for our students. We would not be able to do what we do without these partners.

To show our appreciation for your continued support, Fanshawe hosts an annual Employer Appreciation Dinner. This event features a three-course meal and a panel of students and employers sharing their experiences working with Fanshawe.

Additional Ways to Connect with Students

In addition to posting your opportunity on our job board, there are several ways that you can connect with students throughout the year. Explore the options below and get started by filling out the form below.

Industry Nights

These FREE networking events provide students an opportunity to learn about the industries and sectors related to their areas of study. For employers, it’s an opportunity to get to know our students and provide information about careers and co-op opportunities.

Employer Panels

Throughout the year, we host various events to help prepare students and graduates for their future careers (Ignite Career Conference, Fanshawe Works, etc.). These events often include an employer panel with participating employers providing valuable information to students. 

Virtual Info Sessions

These sessions are an opportunity for employers to meet with students, present their organization and discuss any open positions they may be recruiting for. 

These events are promoted to our students through our internal student portal and social media channels. Employers are also welcome to share event info on their social channels. 

We recommend promoting these events for 2 weeks to generate maximum interest. Our consultants will reach out to the academic team to determine times that do not conflict with academic scheduling. 


The cost to host a Virtual Info Session is $75 +HST.

Table Displays

Table displays can be set up around the college for employers looking to connect with students in a less formal environment. These events are posted on our events calendar and social media channels and tend to generate a high volume of foot traffic. 

Tables can be set up in program areas or high traffic areas. We recommend Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays and require at least 2 weeks’ notice to book the table. 

Booking a table display costs $30 +HST.

Social Media

If you are promoting a particular job or event, we are happy to share it on our social media channels. You might be asked for specific content depending on what is going to be posted. 

Key Guidelines

In the ever-evolving landscape of education and employment, Fanshawe’s employment fairs and recruitment events have become pivotal to bridging the gap between aspiring students and graduates and the employers who are seeking their talent.  
These guiding principles have been developed to ensure the continued success of these events and our collaborative partnerships. We are confident that these principals will foster an environment where talents are identified and celebrated, and your recruitment needs are fulfilled. 


Please note - recruitment events/activations are actively promoted, but attendance is subject to student availability.



Attendance at fairs and events is open to organizations representing the recruiting needs of the participating organization. 

Promotion of services and/or products for any purpose other than recruitment is not permitted.

Fanshawe College reserves the right to decline participation in recruitment events. Rationale may include: start-up costs, franchise (self-employment) opportunities, illegal compensation structures, human rights or safety concerns, student complaints and overdue accounts. 

Registrations will not be accepted verbally but must be submitted through the online registration forms or directly with the event organizer.

For in-person employment fairs, exhibitors will be able to purchase a maximum of two booth spaces per fair. A full registration fee for both booths is required.

Employers are required to pay all registration fees prior to attendance at the fair. An organization with an outstanding invoice will not be allowed to register for a future fair until full payment is received for both the past and current events.

Third-Party and Temp Agency Registration

Employment agencies: Fanshawe College is committed to working with Employment Agencies in the area. Attendance at the Career Opportunities Fairs will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.  Agencies must have positions they are currently recruiting for. Fanshawe is currently an Employment Ontario Service Provider and, therefore, has the capacity to refer students, graduates and clients to our partner agencies on an as-needed basis. 

Third-party recruiters may attend the fair under their own corporate identity if they are recruiting for their own organization. No other client opportunities may be advertised at the fair. However, a third-party organization may also attend the fair representing one client. In this instance, the registration must represent the client name, not the recruiting agency's name.

Registrations will not be accepted for multi-level marketing positions. 

Registration will be confirmed upon receipt of payment. 

Magazine & On-line Job Posting Services Registration 

No magazines or job posting services are eligible to participate for promotional purposes. Attendance at fairs as an exhibitor is open only to organizations representing the recruiting needs of the specific participating organization. 


Fanshawe College reserves the right to cancel a fair based on severe weather conditions which result in the closure of the fair location campus.

In the case of an event cancellation by Fanshawe College, participating organizations who have submitted a payment at the time of the cancellation will have their registration fee fully refunded.

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