Access Talent with a Capstone Project

Capstone projects are a culminating academic experience typically undertaken by students in their final year of post-secondary education. These projects serve as a practical demonstration of the skills, knowledge, and expertise acquired throughout their educational journey. 

Students offer free business services to help address your business needs. They aim to bridge the gap between their classroom knowledge and real-world applications by applying critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity to provide innovative solutions for your business. 

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Unlock Fresh Perspectives and Innovative Solutions

Capstone projects bring in a fresh set of eyes to analyze business challenges. Students, guided by faculty and mentors, can offer innovative and creative solutions that might not have been considered by the company's internal teams.


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Gain Access to Emerging Talent

Businesses can identify and assess potential future employees. Engaging with students allows businesses to observe their skills, work ethic, and problem-solving abilities firsthand. By engaging with capstone projects, businesses can establish a pipeline for potential hires who are already familiar with the company's operations and culture.


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Apply Real-World Research and Development

Businesses can propose capstone projects that align with their current challenges or goals. This allows them to receive focused and tailored solutions to address their unique needs. Businesses can leverage this research to inform their decision-making, improve processes, or develop new products or services.


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Discover a Cost-Effective Solution  

For smaller businesses or startups with limited resources, engaging with capstone projects can provide access to professional-level work without the financial burden of hiring external consultants or contractors.


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Build Brand Awareness and Recognition

Collaborating with educational institutions and supporting capstone projects can improve a business’s reputation and brand image, especially among students, faculty, and the academic community.

Any employer who has a challenge, whether it's marketing or not, working with Fanshawe students is just a phenomenal experience.

- Keith Lawson,
Trimco COO

Areas of Expertise

At Fanshawe, we are dedicated to assisting businesses in solving their unique needs. The following list showcases some of our areas of expertise, but our support extends well beyond these examples. To get started, please complete the form below.


Our students excel in essential marketing and business development areas, from marketing audits and strategic campaigns to SEO and SEM audits, Google Ads management, and online brand enhancement. They also offer expertise in website design, branding, email marketing, CRM strategies, and retention marketing campaigns, all designed to elevate customer experience and improve sales efficiency.

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Our students possess a wealth of knowledge spanning capital budgeting, budget development, financial planning, taxation fundamentals, pricing strategies, and in-depth cost analysis. Their proficiency in these areas can be instrumental in addressing your specific financial needs and optimizing your business operations. By partnering with our students, you gain access to this diverse skill set and the opportunity to leverage their fresh perspectives and innovative problem-solving abilities.

Professional Accounting

Supply Chain and Operations Management

Our students are adept at proposing innovative solutions to a range of issues, including supplier concerns, transportation logistics, inventory management, and process efficiency. They conduct thorough research to identify available solutions for these supply chain challenges and are skilled in evaluating and optimizing supplier relationships. Students can provide a tailored implementation plan to enhance your operational efficiency. 

Students presenting their findings

Collaboration Process and Expectations

As a business, you establish a connection with Fanshawe College, presenting a business challenge that you seek students to adeptly resolve. The project is designed to commence and conclude within a single academic term (fall, winter or summer) and is structured to span a duration of 12 to 14 weeks.

In response to your challenge, students become the driving force of change, applying their passion and knowledge to craft effective solutions. As the academic period draws to a close, your business can anticipate top-tier solutions that have been refined through an academic and practical process. This partnership signifies more than collaboration; it marks a shift in how challenges are overcome, decisions are enhanced, and businesses elevate toward success.

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