Hiring Options to Suit Your Needs

Looking to hire a student? Businesses have a wealth of options that can mutually benefit both the company and the student. These opportunities not only enrich the student's knowledge but also grant businesses access to a reservoir of gifted individuals. These students bring fresh viewpoints and inventive ideas to the table.

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Co-operative Education

Co-op students enrich businesses with their fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and strong work ethic by working with you full-time. 

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Skilled Trades Placement

These short-term programs include classroom and lab training and provide participants with specialized skills to meet your needs.

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Clinical Placement

Practical training for healthcare students in real-world settings, allowing them to apply knowledge and gain hands-on experience.

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Work experience programs that provide practical training and exposure to a particular field or profession for educational or career development.

The Benefits of Hiring a Student

Fresh Perspectives and Ideas

Students bring fresh perspectives, innovative ideas and knowledge from their current academic studies.

Cost-Effective Talent Acquisition

Hiring students is a cost-effective way to acquire talent. Employers can receive various hiring incentives for employing students. 

Access to Specialized Skills

Employers can leverage the specialized skills that students possess to help fill gaps within the current workforce.

Potential Long-Term Recruitment

Hiring students allows businesses to assess their skills, work ethic and cultural fit before making a long-term commitment.

Increased Productivity

Students can contribute to increase workplace productivity by taking on specific projects, assisting with workload, or supporting regular staff members. 

Build a Diversified Team

Students offer the dual advantage of fostering diversity within the workforce and gaining valuable insights from a global perspective, enriching the team's creativity, adaptability, and cultural awareness.

Hiring Incentives and Programs

Businesses that choose to hire students can take advantage of various hiring incentives and programs. These incentives are designed to support employers in fostering talent development, enhancing workforce diversity, and promoting innovation within their organizations. 


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