Research Ethics Board

Fanshawe's Research Ethics Board (REB) is accountable for safeguarding the ethical standards outlined in College Policy A201 - Research and Innovation in all research involving human subjects. The REB plays a pivotal role in upholding these ethical principles and strives to ensure that research projects involving human subjects are conducted with the utmost consideration for informed consent and in adherence to multi-site application processes. When research involves humans or human biological material, several guiding ethical principles come into play.


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Intellectual Property and Commercialization

Unlock the potential of your research! Discover the importance of intellectual property (IP) and how it can protect and enhance your innovative ideas. Explore our resources and guidance to effectively manage and leverage your IP assets. Let's collaborate, share knowledge, and respect intellectual property rights to drive impactful advancements in R&D.


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Research and Data Management

Proper data management enhances research quality, visibility, and efficiency, while meeting funding and journal requirements. Considering data reuse throughout the research life cycle is crucial for achieving these goals.


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College Policies

We have a robust set of policies in place to support and encourage research and development (R&D) activities. These policies are designed to foster a culture of innovation, academic integrity, and ethical conduct in all research endeavours. 


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