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Fanshawe College Channels

Fanshawe College Main AccountsFacebook icon Twitter icon Instagram icon LinkedIn icon Youtube icon Flickr icon TikTok icon Discord icon Reddit iconSpotify icon“TicketTailor



Regional Campuses and Sites

London South CampusLinkedIn iconInstagram icon
Simcoe/Norfolk Regional CampusFacebook iconTwitter iconInstagram icon
St. Thomas/Elgin Regional CampusFacebook iconTwitter iconInstagram icon“TicketTailor
Woodstock/Oxford Regional CampusFacebook iconTwitter iconInstagram iconLinkedIn icon
Huron/Bruce Regional SitesFacebook icon



Fanshawe AlumniFacebook iconTwitter iconInstagram iconLinkedIn icon
Fanshawe PresidentTwitter icon



Lawrence Kinlin School of BusinessFacebook iconTwitter iconLinkedIn iconInstagram icon
School of Community StudiesFacebook icon Instagram iconLinkedIn icon
Fanshawe Recreation and LeisureInstagram icon
School of DesignFacebook iconTwitter iconInstagram icon“TicketTailor
Fanshawe Botanical GardensInstagram icon
Fashion DesignFacebook icon
Fashion Design - UnboundFacebook iconInstagram icon
Interior DesignInstagram icon
Landscape DesignInstagram icon
School of Health SciencesFacebook iconInstagram iconLinkedIn icon
Respiratory TherapyFacebook iconTwitter iconInstagram icon
Respiratory Therapy Student FederationInstagram icon
School of Information TechnologyFacebook iconTwitter iconLinkedIn icon“TicketTailor
School of Language and Liberal Studies 
Fanshawe English Language InstituteFacebook icon
Fanshawe General Arts & ScienceFacebook iconInstagram icon
School of Media and Digital ArtsFacebook iconTwitter iconInstagram icon“TicketTailor
Music Industry ArtsFacebook iconTwitter iconInstagram icon
PhotographyInstagram icon
School of Public SafetyFacebook iconTwitter iconInstagram iconLinkedIn icon
ParamedicInstagram icon
Police FoundationsTwitter icon
Faculty of Science, Trades and TechnologyFacebook iconLinkedIn iconInstagram icon“TicketTailor
Fanshawe School of Transportation Technology & ApprenticeshipFacebook icon
Norton Wolf School of Aviation and Aerospace TechnologyFacebook iconLinkedIn iconInstagram icon
School of Tourism, Hospitality and Culinary ArtsFacebook iconTwitter iconInstagram icon
The Chef's Table at Fanshawe CollegeFacebook iconTwitter iconInstagram icon
Baking and Pastry ArtsFacebook icon
Golf and Club ManagementFacebook iconTwitter icon


Business Solutions

Community Employment Services Fanshawe        
LondonFacebook iconTwitter iconInstagram iconPinterest       
Career and Employment Services        
St. ThomasFacebook icon       
Community Career & Employment Services        
SimcoeFacebook iconTwitter icon       
Conference ServicesFacebook iconTwitter iconInstagram icon
Corporate Training SolutionsFacebook iconTwitter iconInstagram iconLinkedIn iconYoutube icon       
Fanshawe GlobalFacebook iconTwitter iconLinkedIn iconYoutube icon       
The Centre for Research and Innovation (CRI)Twitter iconLinkedIn icon       


Here For You - Student Services

Fanshawe Here for YouInstagram icon
Fanshawe InternationalFacebook iconLinkedIn iconInstagram iconYoutube icon

Wechat iconWeChat: fanshawecollege

QQ icon QQ: ID 49500560 and 197246550

RussiaInstagram iconFacebook icon vk icon       
Fanshawe Student UnionFacebook iconTwitter iconInstagram iconYoutube iconSnapchat icon
InterrobangFacebook iconTwitter iconInstagram icon
The Out Back ShackFacebook icon
Fanshawe Student Union SimcoeFacebook icon
Fanshawe Student Union St. Thomas/Elgin Regional CampusFacebook iconInstagram icon
Fanshawe Student Union WoodstockFacebook iconTwitter icon
Campus RecreationFacebook icon
Career and Co-op ServicesFacebook iconTwitter icon LinkedIn iconPinterest
InSPIRE MentoringLinkedIn icon
Institute of Indigenous LearningFacebook iconTwitter iconInstagram iconYoutube icon
LEAP JunctionFacebook iconTwitter iconInstagram icon LinkedIn icon
Letters and Arts SocietyYoutube icon
Library Learning CommonsFacebook iconTwitter icon
ResidenceInstagram icon
Student Wellness CentreFacebook iconInstagram icon
Health ServicesFacebook icon
SustainabilityFacebook iconInstagram icon


Campus Services

Campus Security ServicesTwitter icon
Chartwells FanshaweFacebook iconTwitter iconInstagram icon
FanshaweLearnsTwitter icon


Student Run Services

Live ChicFacebook iconTwitter iconInstagram iconPinterest
Mend Massage Therapy ClinicFacebook iconTwitter icon


Student Groups

Fanshawe First Year 2021/22Facebook icon
Fanshawe First Year 2021/22 (25 years +)Facebook icon
Fanshawe First Year 2020/21Facebook icon
Fanshawe First Year 2020/21 (25 years +)Facebook icon


Fanshawe Falcons - Varsity Athletics

Fanshawe FalconsFacebook iconTwitter iconInstagram icon


Fanshawe Student Media

106 9 The XFacebook iconTwitter iconInstagram iconYoutube icon
XFM NewsFacebook iconTwitter iconInstagram icon
Studio Red FanshaweFacebook iconInstagram iconYoutube icon
CFRL Radio FanshaweFacebook icon
Fanshawe TVFacebook iconTwitter iconInstagram iconYoutube icon