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Connecting with Fanshawe alumni provides a great opportunity and immense value for a business to tap into exceptional talent, industry insights and partnerships. With more than 200,000 alumni, spanning across 100+ countries, we have a vast network of knowledge and expertise. Discover how you can leverage Fanshawe’s alumni network to drive growth and innovation within your business. 

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Many of our alumni have embarked on an entrepreneurial journey to start their own business. These businesses range from entertainment and dining to shopping and service providers and more! The Fanshawe Alumni Marketplace is an online business directory showcasing the amazing products and services our alumni have to offer.

The Fanshawe Alumni Marketplace provides businesses with an opportunity to seek out partnerships to help their own business grow. 

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Alumni Success Stories

From recent graduates stepping into their careers to seasoned professionals on the verge of retirement, our accomplished Fanshawe alumni are making significant contributions within their diverse industries. Discover the wealth of experience and expertise they bring by exploring their educational journeys and professional accomplishments.

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Want to know what our alumni are up to? Or be in the loop for upcoming alumni events? Make sure to check out our social media accounts for up-to-date information on our alumni. 


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