Expert Panel review process (Option 1)

Researchers can submit the Ontario Community College Multi-Site application along with the Researcher Agreement to the Expert Panel. Scroll down to find forms and contacts.

The Expert Panel will review the Multi-Site application and if needed, works with the researcher if revisions/additions are necessary. Once deemed ethically acceptable, a letter of recommendation for approval is sent to the researcher. The researcher will send the ethically sound application along with the recommendation for approval letter to each of the institution’s ethics board being involved in the research.

Ontario Community College Multi-Site application form process (Option 2)

Researchers can complete and submit the Ontario Community College Multi-Site application form directly to any of the colleges’ ethics board listed below. (Scroll down to find form.)

Option 1 and option 2

Each college at which the research is to be conducted continues to be responsible for research conducted under its auspices and the researcher is responsible for ensuring that he or she meets the enlisted college(s) requirements for document submission and approval to conduct research.

Colleges accepting the Ontario Community College Multi-Site application form:

Algonquin College

Cambrian College

Centennial College

Collège Boréal

Conestoga College

Confederation College

Durham College

Fanshawe College

Fleming College

George Brown College

Georgian College

Humber College

Lambton College

Loyalist College

Mohawk College

Niagara College

Northern College

Sault College

Seneca College

Sheridan College

St. Clair College

St. Lawrence College


Members contact list

Expert Panel Chair

Steve Crema, BA, MA
Fanshawe College
Expert Panel Lead 
Masters of Psychology
Associate Dean, Donald J. Smith School of Building Technology

Expert Panel Coordinator

Wanda Anderson
Fanshawe College
Expert Panel Coordinator
Assistant to the Dean
Centre for Research and Innovation

Expert Panel Members

Florencia Carlino, PhD
Sault College
Professor, Department of General Arts and Science
School of Community Services and Interdisciplinary Studies
Research Ethics Board Chairperson


Jennifer Sullivan, PhD
Seneca College
Professor, School of Early Childhood Education
Chair, Research Ethics Board


Louise Boudreault, PhD
Algonquin College
Chair, Research Ethics Board


Michele McIntosh, RN, PhD
Fleming College
Associate Professor, Trent-Fleming School of Nursing, Trent University
Chair, Research Ethics Board, Fleming College


Robin Yap, MSc, MEd, DM, CTDP

George Brown College

Professor & Coordinator, Centre for Business


Sowmya Kishore, DBA
Centennial College
Professor, Centre for Faculty Development & Teaching Innovation
Chair, Research Ethics Board

Multi-college forms

Multi-college Change Request Form

Multi-college Renewal Status Form

Ontario Community College Multi-Site Form

Researcher Agreement Letter