Whether you're a complete beginner or a marketing professional looking to upskill, this Digital Marketing series is perfect for you to become your own digital marketer. These interactive workshops focus on the key digital marketing skills required for the modern workplace. Learn Google Ads, social media marketing and SEO, Analytics, mobile marketing and much more. Each workshop delivers must-have content for modern-day communicators.


Our training programs offer full customization. You can select which course(s) you wish to enrol in and specify the number of participants. Pricing is based on your selection(s). For detailed information, inquire using the form below.

The Power of Social Media

Length: 1 Day

Social media has become a force for businesses. This workshop will help you understand how to create great social content, expand your reach, and attract targeted potential customers. Learn how to synchronize all your accounts and use content management systems to consistently produce quality content. Discover tools and methods to maximize engagement and drive success with social media for your organization.

Driving Growth with your Website

Length: 1 Day

In today's landscape, having a successful online presence is crucial to growing your business; that starts with your website. In this workshop, you will learn the best platforms for building websites, how to design pages to convert users, and how to add analytics and goal tracking to measure success. Learn how to make meaning out of website data and monitor user behaviour to help optimize your site even more. Discover powerful tools and strategies to get contact form submissions, phone calls, and generate leads and sales online

Everything Search - Your Guide to Being Found Online

Length: 1 Day 

In this workshop, you will understand how to use search engines to grow your business by driving both free and paid traffic to your website. Discover search engine optimization (SEO) and how to create index-ready content that ranks high on search engines. Analyze your website and find out how you can make adjustments to rank even higher. Learn how to use the power of paid Google Ads to drive targeted users to your site.

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