Innovation in Cannabis Processing for Quality and Safety

Fanshawe has grown to be one of Canada’s leading centres for cannabis processing research. This includes top-level experience and expertise in ultra-high purification and formulation of trace cannabinoids with potencies exceeding 99 percent. Fanshawe specializes in advanced chromatography and high-shear micronization technologies for products in food, beverage, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical. Fanshawe's capabilities are mainly focused on extraction, purification, analysis, and processing, such as homogenization, spray drying and encapsulation. 


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Area of Expertise

  • Extraction and processing
  • Product formulation
  • Quality control and testing
  • Packaging and sustainability 
  • Cannabis analytics
  • Regulatory compliance 
  • Sustainability and energy efficiency 


  • Cultivation technology services 
  • Testing and analytics 
  • Product formulation and development 
  • Extraction and processing solutions 
  • Packaging and design 

Funding Opportunities

We offer our technology and expertise on a per project or per-sample basis. Funding is available for eligible projects.


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Fanshawe is committed to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and making groundbreaking discoveries that will shape the future. By partnering with us, you gain access to a dynamic ecosystem where collaboration and expertise converge.


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