Advancing Food and Beverage Science and Sustainability

Fanshawe College’s Centre for Applied Research and Innovation in Biotechnology (CARIB) is a collaborative hub for industry-led research in food and beverage science, innovation and processing.

Through its work, CARIB accelerates new product development, encourages knowledge sharing and technology transfer in the food and beverage sector and promotes the development of a network within the industry.

CARIB supports the bioeconomy by working on projects to reduce waste along the food production supply chain and provide solutions to sectoral challenges related to product development, process optimization and technology adoption in agriculture.

CARIB answers the need to produce more nutritious food and beverage products while reducing environmental impact. This includes research in cannabis processing through our cannabis research licence.


  • Plant tissue culture incubator 
  • Benchtop Vortex Centrifuge 
  • Biosafety/cell culture cabinet 
  • Light Microscope  
  • 5110 ICP-OES, *vertical dual view  model  
  • Nano DeBEE 45-4 Ultra-High  Pressure Homogenizer  
  • CFX96 Optical Reaction Module  for Real-Time PCR  
  • NGC Discovery Pro  
  • Chromatography System  
  • FlashPure EcoFlex 
  • B-290 Spray Dryer  
  • Flash Chromatography 
  • 40L Fermentation Station
  • Encapsulator B-395 Pro  
  • Eppendorf BioFlo 120  
  • Bioreactor/bioprocessor 
  • General-Purpose Refrigerator 
  • General-Purpose Freezer 
  • NanoDrop One Microvolume UV VIS Spectrophotometer 
  • Norogard Seed Coater  
  • CO2 bioextraction 
  • Benchtop oven  
  •  -80°C freezer  
  • MaxQTM 2000 Benchtop Orbital  Shaker  
  • MaxQ H P Incubated and  Refrigerated Console Shakers 
  • Rotovap 
  • Centrifuge  
  • MaxQ 5000 Floor-Model Shakers 
  • BioTek Cytation 5  
  • BioTek Epoch Spectrometer  
  • Reverse osmosis/EMD millipore water system
  • Elix Advantage 10  Fisher  
  • Benchtop heated stir plates  
  • m-VROCTM Viscometer  
  • GC-MS  
  • VELP oxidative shelf life  
  • Bomb Calorimeter  
  • Biochamber (plant growth  chamber)  
  • Agilent H PLC System


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