Fanshawe’s reputation is rooted in a strong foundation, supported by our relationship with business and industry, and driven by our vision to unlock potential. Advanced Business and Industry Solutions (ABIS) aims to solve real world problems. It’s a support network of Fanshawe services, taking a tailored approach to meeting client needs, while providing bold, innovative and strategic solutions to help grow the economy.

About Us

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Globally connected, locally invested.

Over the last 50 years, Fanshawe has leveraged its global connections to help our region grow. The partnerships we’ve built and nurtured provide a unique, diversified approach to working with local businesses, bringing new business solutions specific to Southwestern Ontario’s industries that help organizations thrive in this environment. 

Our services include customized corporate training, upskilling and skill development, business consulting, research and development, product testing, as well as a wide variety of hiring and marketing opportunities.

Whether you are a small business owner or a branch of a larger corporation, Fanshawe’s Advanced Business and Industry Solutions has the tools to help you succeed.


Corporate Training

We deliver customized training solutions based on your specific goals and needs. By equipping employees with knowledge, skills, and expertise, we enable them to succeed in their day-to-day operations, advance in their careers and build organizational capacity.

Skills Development

Fanshawe’s skills development programs offer a wide range of both on-demand and structured courses and workshops to help you expand your skillset. Micro-certifications and online courses cover topics from leadership and team management to communications to technology. We also offer a full suite of transportation courses and licensing.

Business Consulting

Our business consultants are both critical thinkers and problem solvers. Applying expertise to your organization, our team provides a wealth of knowledge and best practices covering everything from market analysis to data analytics to strategic planning and more.

Research and Development

Fanshawe’s Centre for Research and Innovation (CRI) drives the regional economy in Southwestern Ontario by solving applied research needs through expertise, resources, partnerships and funding. Research specialties include agri-food processing and building sustainability.

Product Testing

Stakes are high in today’s competitive market. Fanshawe’s ABIS gives you the confidence that your products will meet industry standards and testing protocols as well as help you get them to market faster. Thermal, mechanical, electrical, and environmental testing services are available.

Employee Recruitment

Fanshawe Career Services is your link to more than 22,000 full-time students seeking part-time, seasonal and graduate employment. We also support employers seeking co-ops, work terms, internships, and more. Our students will bring knowledge, perspective and ideas to your organization.

Sponsorships and Giving

The Foundation supports Fanshawe in delivering an exceptional learning experience so all students can unlock their full potential. Through the generosity of donors and community partners, we contribute to student bursaries, awards and scholarships, capital projects, research and other priority initiatives.


Facts and Figures

Partner organizations and clients served worldwide
$1.6 Billion
Economic contribution to the communities we serve
Employer satisfaction with Fanshawe graduates
Custom products and services offered

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