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Fanshawe College - one of Ontario’s largest polytechnic institutions - recognizes the importance and value of partnering with employers and the community. These relationships shape the future of our organization and, in turn, Fanshawe provides ongoing support and talent to ensure a long lasting, mutually beneficial outcome - a thriving, sustainable and innovative community.

How to Partner with Fanshawe

Explore your options to develop your team, grow your organization, innovate, hire talent or get involved with Fanshawe. Allow us to assess your opportunity or challenge and connect you with the right Fanshawe representative to get you started.

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Grow your business

Customized training and development that provides the connection between your vision and your impact.


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Develop your team

Access a vast support network that provides the skills and certifications you need now and in the future. When it comes to training, one size does not fit all. Your specific needs and learning nuances are central.


Professional Development 

Online Courses 


International Training

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Gain access to highly specialized equipment and research experts to solve your key challenges and move your innovative products to market.


R&D Specialties

Testing Areas

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Discover new talent

Whether you’re looking for a co-op student,  an ambitious graduate, or an experienced employee to join your team, you’ll discover fresh perspectives, ideas and approaches.


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Get Involved

This is your opportunity to make a difference, discover new talent, grow your business, find solutions to complex challenges and give back to your community.


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Join the marketplace

Facts and Figures

Partner organizations and clients served worldwide
$1.6 Billion
Economic contribution to the communities we serve
Employer satisfaction with Fanshawe graduates
Custom products and services offered

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If you think your organization could benefit from any of the services listed above, please complete the form below and we’ll connect with you to explore further. When we collaborate, we share insights, experiences and resources that drive innovation, industry and economy.