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Fanshawe Centre for Research & Innovation (CRI) has a wealth of expert researchers specializing in food innovation and sustainable buildings & automation. They lead R&D projects with our industry partners to help businesses leap ahead competitively.


Kamal Al-Rafea, PhD - Chemical Engineering

Research Specializations: Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology, Food Processing, Renewable Energy

Background: Kamal holds a BSc and MASc from Ryerson University and a PhD from University of Waterloo, all in chemical engineering

Kamal is a professor in chemical engineering sciences with special research interests in biotechnology, food processing and renewable energy. 

He leads projects at CRI focused on adopting innovative ideas/solutions with applying technical improvements on production process, sustainable operations, product design and carbon management. This supports the biotechnology processing/production and food processing technology industries with developing methods for improving industrial processes.

"I'm excited to work with industry partners on their research projects and incorporate new technology into CRI's advanced food innovation labs," says Kamal. "I also love working with Fanshawe students to create an effective environment for learning which accommodates students' diverse cultural and educational backgrounds, experience, and individual learning style."

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Kamal Al-Rafea, PhD


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