Driver Training and Testing


Driver Training and Testing

Fanshawe Corporate Training Solutions offers flexible training delivery including evening and weekend courses. Training is available for corporations and individuals.


Fleet Certification - Signing Authority Program

This Ministry of Transportation approved driver certification program trains experienced truck drivers to become approved truck driver trainers who have the signing authority to test and train participants in A, D and F licence classes.

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'A' Driver Training

This training program consists of a combination of theory and practical to write the MTO Class 'A' Licence Exam. A road test will be conducted by Fanshawe College signing authorities in a college vehicle.

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'D' Driver Training

A valid 'D' licence is required to operate any truck or vehicle combination that weighs in excess of 11,000 kilograms. The 'D' driver’s licence training program will assist 'G' licenced drivers in obtaining the necessary knowledge to successfully complete the MTO 'D' road test. A road test will be conducted by Fanshawe College signing authorities in a college vehicle.

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Air Brake Endorsement 'Z'

Gain the knowledge necessary to operate air brake systems safely and detect faults in these systems. Upon successful completion of the written test, participants will take the practical test. After successful completion of both tests, you will be able to upgrade your licence with the 'Z' endorsement from the MTO. A minimum of a full 'G' licence is required.

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'F' Licence Training & Testing

This course prepares you to safely operate an 'F' licence vehicle. After your training, a 1-hour road test will be conducted by Fanshawe College signing authorities in a college vehicle.

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'G' License Training

A valid ‘G’ licence is required to operate a car, van, small truck or combination of vehicles that weigh up to 11,000 kilograms. The ‘G’ licence training program offers new drivers the opportunity to learn how to drive in a program that targets many styles of learning and effectively prepares beginner drivers for their G1 drivers test by teaching them how to drive to proactively avoid road hazards and remain incident free.


Basic Driver Instructor for In-Vehicle: 'G' License

This training program includes both Practical ‘Hands-On’ instruction in a vehicle and classroom training on vehicle operation, rules & regulations. Students who successfully complete this MTO certified course will receive both a College Certificate and the CPD Driving Instructor Certification.

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Defensive Driving

For employees who drive either a company vehicle or their own vehicle on the job Safe driving is a matter of occupational safety. When an employee is involved in an accident, insurance rates can skyrocket and C.V.O.R.’s are effected. There can also be many indirect costs, including recuperation time, re-staffing, retraining and lost productivity. A defensive driving course can benefit all employees (and family members). Traffic crashes are preventable by defensive driving.

Course outline
  • Simulator evaluations (Verbal discussions within the group)
  • Interactive class discussions.
  • Specific techniques to help drivers avoid all types of traffic collisions despite the actions of others or the driving conditions.
  • Drivers learn the principles of defensive driving and essential collision avoidance techniques.

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Pre-Trip Inspections

The first step in safe driving is to be sure the vehicle you are going to operate is safe before you leave. Make sure that your employees are familiar with all the new Minimum Entry Level Training (MELT) approved standards.


In-Cab Inspections 

Let our Ministry of Transport (MTO) certified instructors ride along with your employee to ensure safe driving practices are being observed. Bad habits develop over time and this is the best way to correct them. A written report will be generated for the employer to determine if a driver needs extra training to develop additional safe driving practices.


Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a serious problem in Canada, and many collisions can be prevented if drivers focused on the driving task at hand. Commercial motor vehicle drivers will better understand how attention capacity affects drivers, and learn strategies to cope with distracted driving.


Electronic Log Device (ELD)

The Electronic Log Device (ELD) is mandated for December 16, 2019. Let our Ministry of Transportation (MTO) certified instructors walk you through the ELD system. The ELD will help a professional driver manage the hours of service on the road and stay in compliance with the regulations.


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