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Fanshawe Global

Fanshawe Global is a subsidiary of Fanshawe College, one of the largest post-secondary institutions in Ontario, Canada. We specialize in delivering corporate solutions and customized training to meet your unique goals and needs. We operate on a global scale with a focus in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).

We cater to the needs of individuals as well as larger businesses and governments. Through a collaborative approach, we are able to provide solutions for a wide range of sectors: education, extractive industries, health-care, health and safety, agriculture, aviation, advanced manufacture, skilled trades, transportation, and more. This makes us your preferred partner for strengthening skilled based competencies in your organization.


Making clients better.


We enhance communities, employers and individuals by assessing needs, building relationships and delivering quality training and services.


  • Innovation
  • Socially responsibility and global citizenship
  • Integrity
  • Cultural awareness
  • Future Focus


Our Competitive Advantage

  • LAC Market expert- local representative based in Lima, Peru is connected to key players in the region as well as a wide network of Canadian Trade Commissioners
  • Quality – Our trainers and facilitators are subject matter experts in their industries
  • Partnerships – Leverage the knowledge and experience of our network and industry partners
  • Acknowledgement – Receive and e-certification and digital badge to showcase in social media and HR profile


Training and Services

  • Customized Corporate Training
  • Education Management Services including: knowledge transfer, quality assurance, digital transformation, alumni follow up, student support, dual credentials
  • Process improvement including: entrepreneurship, link with socio productive sectors
  • Micro-certifications
  • Technological missions
  • Online training courses


 - Training and Services available for virtual and in-person delivery in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

- Online training courses currently available in English in our asynchronous virtual platform. Spanish options to come.



  • Berteig - Canada
  • Culture Works - Canada
  • Innova T21 - Peru 
  • Unidades Tecnológicas Santander- Colombia (Santander Technological Units)

  • CONALEP Durango – Mexico

  • CONALEP Ciudad del Carmen – Mexico

  • Universidad Tecnológica de Durango– Mexico (Technological University of Durango)

  • Universidad Tecnológica de Campeche– Mexico (Technological University of Campeche)



  • Higher Education Technological Institute of the Armed Forces - Peru
  • Universidad de los Lagos - Chile (University of Los Lagos)



I appreciate the invitation to participate in this Webinar series. All the conferences have been very interesting, the speakers as well as high-level topics. Thank you for this opportunity.

- Professor of the Educational Program of Renewable Energies, Technological University of Tulancingo, Mexico. Participant of 2020 FG Webinar Series


Of course it has been a fantastic experience ... it is like having traveled to another planet, a world very different from ours in terms of technology and from which many cultures can learn. I am proud to have been one of the group that lived through this experience. Thank you Fanshawe Global!

- Peruvian graduate student from Industrial Electronics program at IESTPFFAA. Learning experience at Fanshawe College in Canada, Nov. 2019


*Note - testimonials were provided in Spanish and have been translated.


Contact us

If you are interested in learning more, please contact our LAC, in-country representative located in Lima, Peru.


Rosa Cristina Aguilar Correa

Director of International Outreach

Cel. +51 980 047 591

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