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Fanshawe Global is a subsidiary of Fanshawe College, one of the largest post-secondary institutions in Ontario, Canada. We specialize in delivering corporate solutions and customized training to meet your unique goals and needs. We operate on a global scale with a focus on Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).

We cater to the needs of individuals as well as larger businesses and governments. Through a collaborative approach, we are able to provide solutions for a wide range of sectors: education, extractive industries, health-care, health and safety, agriculture, aviation, advanced manufacture, skilled trades, transportation, and more. This makes us your preferred partner for strengthening skilled based competencies in your organization.


Making clients better.


We enhance communities, employers and individuals by assessing needs, building relationships and delivering quality training and services.


  • Innovation
  • Social responsibility
  • Global citizenship
  • Integrity
  • Cultural awareness
  • Future focus


Fanshawe Global at a glance


Our competitive advantage

  • LAC Market expert- local representative based in Lima, Peru is connected to key players in the region as well as a wide network of Canadian Trade Commissioners
  • Quality – Our trainers and facilitators are subject matter experts in their industries
  • Partnerships – Leverage the knowledge and experience of our network and industry partners
  • Acknowledgement – Receive and e-certification and a digital badge to showcase in social media and HR profile


Training and services

Online training

Fanshawe Global is now offering a series of fully online courses on demand! You can now register and complete any of the courses from home, at your own pace.

Click here to see a list of available online courses.



Fanshawe Global regularly hosts free webinars covering a variety of topics. We engage with our partners in both Canada and South America to bring you best practices and unique perspectives.

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Customized corporate training

Targeting B2B, B2C and B2G segments, Fanshawe Global focuses on providing training and business solutions designed to help you identify and achieve your goals. Our customized training approach addresses your business needs and increases employee fulfillment. This often results in improved employee productivity, engagement, and retention.

Education management services

Being a subsidiary of one of the top educational institutions in Ontario allows us to thrive in education management services. This can include knowledge transfers, quality assurance, digital transformation, alumni engagement, student support, and more! We are able to take existing best practices and adjust them to suit local realities in other countries and regions.

Recent trends in the education industry include mapping curriculum towards the emission of dual credentials, guidance in quality processes and self-assessments and audits.

Process improvement

We regularly participate in consultancy-based projects and provides technical assistance to sectors including education, extractive industries, health-care, health and safety, agriculture, aviation, advanced manufacturing, skilled trades and transportation. Our needs assessments help us to identify and benchmark necessary processes within an organization as well as recommend the adoption of new models.


A Micro-certification (MC) is one of the newest trends in education and digital transformation. A certified piece of learning on a specific topic is assessed in order to demonstrate proficiency in a particular skill. Our MC model incorporates the following attributes:

  • Self-directed online learning
  • 100 hours of training (per MC)
  • Learning based on skill and competencies
  • Authentic assessment as part of our quality assessment framework
  • Recognition of completion via digital badge and electronic certificate



 - Training and Services are available for virtual and in-person delivery in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

- Online training courses currently available in English in our asynchronous virtual platform. Spanish options to come.



  • Berteig - Canada
  • Culture Works - Canada
  • Innova T21 - Peru 
  • Unidades Tecnológicas Santander- Colombia (Santander Technological Units)
  • CONALEP Durango – Mexico
  • CONALEP Ciudad del Carmen – Mexico
  • Universidad Tecnológica de Durango– Mexico (Technological University of Durango)
  • Universidad Tecnológica de Campeche– Mexico (Technological University of Campeche)


Clients and case studies

IESTPFFAA – Dual-credentialing for Skills-based Labour (Peru)

Partner: Instituto de Educación Superior Tecnológico Público De las Fuerzas Armadas (IESTPFFAA)


IESTPFFAA logoIn 2016, Fanshawe Global (FG) began a program centered on dual-credentialing targeting the needs of the Peruvian production and skills-based labor market (industrial mechanics, information sciences, civil construction, automotive mechanics and industrial electronics). The initiative was in partnership with IESTPPFFAA (The Armed Forces Public Technological Institute of Peru)  – a newly established institute operated by the Peruvian Ministry of Defense.

The program aligns to  the institute´s curriculum and was approved by the Peruvian Ministry of Education. It has also been complimented by additional educational services targeting: capacity building and professional development for senior education managers, academic managers, faculty and shared library resources. Finally, FG developed a customized quality management, audit and reporting structure to monitor and evaluate progress. 


Outcomes to Date

  • Issue progressive modular certificates recognizing student progress - 2,094 modular certificates issued to 746 students.
  • Meet ongoing labor market needs for skill-based technicians in Peru and recruiting requirements of Peru’s Ministry of Defense.
  • Improvements to curriculum quality management process and procedure to support Peru’s academic and non-academic internal audit processes.
  • Increased access to learning resources for Institute students and faculty through the establishment of an educational resource portal.
  • Professional development training and capacity building services provided to administrators, faculty and support staff. Topics include: leadership, linking productive sectors, entrepreneurship, and strategic planning among others.
  • International experiential learning for select students consisting of a two-week internship at Fanshawe College in Canada (Nov/Dec 2019).


Technical Assistance

  • Curriculum mapping.
  • Training workshops with interactive methodologies for administrators and teachers (implementation 2021/22).
  • Established a shared library resource service for students and faculty.
  • Accompaniment and permanent monitoring from Fanshawe representative in Peru.
CCREEE – Virtual Training on Electric and Hybrid-Electric Vehicles (Caribbean)

Partner: Caribbean Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (CCREEE)


CCREE logoThe project, which began in October of 2020, was comprised of the development and implementation of a virtual training program centered around electric vehicle (EV) technology, safety, standards and servicing. We addressed and bridged existing knowledge gaps in the CARICOM region to provide participants a better understanding of the principles and fundamentals of electric (and hybrid electric) vehicle technology, servicing and maintenance and safety. Participants were required to complete four modules, totaling 40 hours of self-paced learning and live sessions.

The project was made possible due to funding and technical assistance provided by a number of global organizations throughout Europe, Germany, Spain and the Caribbean.


Outcomes and Technical Assistance

Upon completion of this program, participants will have gained the theoretical knowledge to address skills gaps expressed above. The program will be facilitated through the following modules:


Module 1

Electric vehicle technology: power trains, design and system considerations (electromagnetic and non-electromagnetic components), power electronics, electrical and electrical control components, as well as battery design and battery management systems.

Live sessions on EV Technology (advanced training) including theoretical and practical/hands-on aspects to demonstrate the electric drive train including electric motor, inverter and battery switch; major differences between different EV models will be identified.


Module 2

Servicing and maintenance of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs): thermal management for batteries and power electronics, servicing and maintenance principles of BEVs and HEVs as opposed to conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, best practices concerning battery upkeep and battery removal and installation.


Module 3

Online training on EV and HEV safety aspects including personal protection and protective equipment, safety regulations for EV and HEV safety systems, as well as first response set of actions in the case of EV & HEV incidents.


Module 4

Standards, testing and regulation: standard roadmaps for EVs and HEVs, applicable battery standards, vehicle and charging standards, and performance standard requirements for EVs and HEVs.

ULAGOS – Linking Academy and Industry (Chile)

Partner: Universidad de los Lagos (ULAGOS), Chile


Universidad de Los Lagos logoStarting January 2021, Fanshawe Global (FG) will be working with the University of Los Lagos (Chile) to help link relevant socio-productive sectors* with their respective technical careers. This link will enable these sectors to effectively contribute to strengthening local training processes.

FG will provide technical assistance to ULAGOS in establishing relationships outside existing institutional relationships. Additionally, FG will support the creation of a practical model that will make ULAGOS more attractive to prospective students offering more paths to post-graduate employment.

*Socio-productive sector - institutional connection with the productive sectors



By the end of this engagement, the following objectives will be achieved:

  • The development of an effective socio-productive link between education and technical careers enabling increased feedback and improved training. This could include internships; field trips; future employment; collaborative work for innovation; applied research and technology transfer.
  • Identification and strengthening of articulation mechanisms between all campuses and venues.
  • Recommendation of technological supports for recording and measuring of data.
  • Implementation of the suggested model, connecting socio-productive technical careers with existing institutional models.
  • Identification of “indicators” that allow for accurate measurement of project impact on socio-productive sectors.



Stage 1: Literature Review

Stage 2: Assessment of local markets

Stage 3: Framework construction

Stage 4: Implementation and training


Anyone wishing to learn more about this project can review the ULAGOS project announcement or contact the FG local project lead:

Rosa Cristina Aguilar Correa

Director of International Outreach

Cel. +51 980 047 591

Pacific Alliance Educational Technical Group (GTE) – Technical Skills Training


Grupo Técnico de Educación de la Alianza del Pacífico



Pacific Alliance EFE program logoWorking with additional partners in both South America and Canada, Fanshawe Global has been engaged to develop an awareness campaign around Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) throughout Colombia.

In conjunction with the Marketing and Communications units of the Ministry of Education of the Pacific Alliance countries (Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile), the following objectives have been identified:

  1. Develop a communications plan to support campaign initiatives.
  2. Develop a marketing plan to promote TVET opportunities to related industries.
  3. Create a resource document housing policies, strategies, and best practices.
  4. Ongoing support for regional communications, product promotion or events.
  5. The capture and production of video footage for future promotional use.


Canadian Partners

Durham College – Ontario, Canada

Vancouver Island University – British Columbia, Canada

Pacific Alliance – Supporting Female Student Success (Mexico) 



Universidad Tecnológica de Durango

CONALEP Ciudad del Carmen

Universidad Tecnológica de Campeche



Pacific Alliance conalep logoSince February 2020, Fanshawe Global has been working with several partners throughout Mexico and Canada to build communities where female students have better access to academic supports such as mentorship, tutoring, employment services and more. 

The group is also evaluating local policies and procedures as they relate to gender equity and inclusion with the goal of improving the relationship between education and government.

The project is set to conclude in September of 2022. 


Goals and Outcomes

  • Conduct a needs assessment and set a benchmark for student success and employment services.
  • Training and upskilling for those in leaderships and management roles in related industries.
  • Development of standardized guidelines for student and employment services.
  • Design and execution of a promotional campaign informing students of the services coming available.
  • Concluding survey involving both student participants and employers to evaluate the success of the initiative.


Canadian Partner

Northern Lights College – British Columbia, Canada

CAFÉ UTS – Centre for Entrepreneurship (Colombia)


Unidades Tecnologicas de Santander



Cafe UTS logoOver a four year period starting in 2018, Fanshawe Global (FG) will be working with the Unidades Tecnologicas de Santander to establish a Centre for Entrepreneurship (CAFÉ UTS) in Santander, Colombia. 

As part of this initiative, FG will deliver training on design thinking and business model canvas. A workshop covering change management will also be delivered once a needs assessment has been conducted to identify the needs of the current culture.

The goal of this initiative is to improve the quality and diversification of employment programs as well as policies relating to gender equity and sustainability in Santander.


Canadian Partners

Niagara College - Ontario, Canada

Cégep de Trois-Rivières – Quebec, Canada



I appreciate the invitation to participate in this Webinar series. All the conferences have been very interesting, the speakers as well as high-level topics. Thank you for this opportunity.

- Professor of the Educational Program of Renewable Energies, Technological University of Tulancingo, Mexico. Participant of 2020 FG Webinar Series


Of course it has been a fantastic experience ... it is like having traveled to another planet, a world very different from ours in terms of technology and from which many cultures can learn. I am proud to have been one of the group that lived through this experience. Thank you Fanshawe Global!

- Peruvian graduate student from the Industrial Electronics program at IESTPFFAA, Nov. 2019.


*Note - testimonials were provided in Spanish and have been translated.



If you are interested in learning more, please contact our LAC representative located in Lima, Peru:


Rosa Cristina Aguilar Correa

Director of International Outreach

Cel. +51 980 047 591

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