Customer Service Series

It sounds simple, but successful organizations recognize that customer satisfaction stems from a series of interconnected causes and disciplines. The foundation of creating a customer service culture is understanding expectations, going the extra mile, and being a customer advocate. This series provides the professional development you need to exceed your customers’ expectations today and tomorrow!


Effective First Impressions

1 Day

Customers want to be acknowledged and treated with respect and understanding. In order for this to happen, you have to be at your best when that customer walks through the door. Learn the critical first steps in the customer service process which is often a realm paid little attention to: the greeting and meeting of the customer. Walk away with useful social interaction techniques for making the customer interaction go smoothly.


Generate Customer Interest

1 Day

While working within a short time frame, one of the biggest challenges can be getting the customer to communicate their needs in order for you to assist them. By learning the proper language, asking the right questions your customer will feel more comfortable approaching you and asking for guidance.


Overcoming Customer Service Obstacles

1 Day

The workshop starts by teaching participants the tools for identifying the situational problem and then search for the foundation of the problem in order to come to a reasonable solution. Participants will walk away with the skills to collaborate and reach a consensus when a problem arises as well as implement an initiative to come to a fair conclusion.


The Magic of Suggestion

1 Day

Knowing how to use suggestions properly in a customer-service setting is an effective tool to spike sales. When used in the right format, customers will listen to what you have to say and trust your advice. Participants will leave this workshop with communication skills in the application of suggestion selling, as well as explore stereotypes of salespeople that will help you gain a strong relationship with your customer.