Soft Skills Series

As digital natives accustomed to the online world enter the workforce, soft skills training is more important than ever. Here's how you can develop soft skills in the workplace consistently and effectively.


Multi-Generational Leadership

2 Days

Through effectively managing a multi-generational workforce, organizations can gain a strategic and competitive advantage by helping all employees perform to their full potential. This workshop will focus on how to lead a workplace that is most likely comprised of four generations who bring different perspectives, values and life experiences to work. Participants will learn how to lead more effectively all members of their team effectively, regardless of age and generation.


Creativity & Teamwork For Innovation

2 Days

Creativity is essential for any organization if you want to keep your business moving forward. Developing a creative culture takes time and it begins with leadership being open-minded to their team’s suggestions. By allowing time for your team members to develop their creativity and put their ideas together to find optimum solutions, innovation thrives and so does the organization.


Communication Skills

1 Day

Strong interpersonal skills are essential in transforming individual contributors into exceptional performers who have a greater impact in their roles. This workshop focuses on the skills needed to communicate clearly, improving verbal and non-verbal communication style, as well as enhancing interpersonal skills.


Coaching Skills

2 Days

Coaching is one of the most powerful activities a leader can practice to keep staff engaged and growing in their roles. This workshop provides guidance on the planning and delivery of coaching and its application within a variety of workplace environments. Participants will benefit from practice and feedback that is geared to develop skills and build confidence in themselves and their staff.