Coding Practitioner Series

A series for practical, project-based coding and database for software developers and their colleagues. These coding workshops stand alone or can be bundled into a series. Each workshop is delivered in a blended format with face-to-face training sessions, supported with a customized LMS platform. This delivery method makes learning accessible and flexible for participants in a fast-paced busy workplace. A capstone project is available and acts as a cumulative learning experience for participants to apply what they have learned.

HTML 5  

This course focuses on designing and creating clean, responsive, and well-designed web pages using the full depth that HTML5 provides. CSS is also introduced in this course, and participants will learn to apply basic and advanced styling to their web pages.


CSS3 & GitHub

This course focuses on creating rich web designs with CSS, and collaborating on these designs via source controls. The participant will learn the principles of design and how to apply those principles to create intuitive, interactive and accessible web sites. HTML and CSS3 will be utilized to create multimedia rich, interactive graphical web layouts. GitHub technology will be intertwined with the CSS3 content.


Introduction To Relational Databases & SQL 

An introduction to relational database system design and development. Participants will learn how relational databases function, and create a variety of simple relational databases, based upon typical business requirements. Participants will normalize, design, and build database solutions incorporating multi-table relational databases. Participants will also be introduced to the Structured Query Language.


SQL  & Database Management

This course builds on the concepts of the relational database presented in Introduction to Relational Databases and SQL and introduces the participant to larger client/server database systems. SQL Server is used as the database platform to demonstrate the operation of larger multi-user systems. In particular, emphasis is placed on mastering the fundamentals of Structured Query Language (SQL) for creating and maintaining database objects, complex queries, and as a tool to perform typical database administrative tasks.



This course will introduce participants to JavaScript and its use in web page construction. Participants will be introduced to object-oriented programming concepts using JavaScript and the Document Object Model (DOM) and various HTML controls. Object creation and customization will be covered, as well as exception-handling, event handling, and testing and debugging techniques.