Hot Zone

A wholly owned subsidiary of Fanshawe College, Hot Zone specializes in supporting the health and safety needs of businesses and individuals throughout Canada. For over twenty-years, Hot Zone has provided a variety of health and safety training, consulting and rescue services to protect our client’s staff, physical asset and commitment to protecting the environment. Our clients range from those in petrochemicals, manufacturing, construction, retail, education, agriculture sectors, as well as business to business services.


Chemical Spill Response

1 Day

In the event of a hazardous chemical release, are your employees trained to handle the response safely? Participant will learn and practice the universal priorities of response that include preservation of life, environment and property.


Fall Arrest Training 

1/2 Day

This course is designed to comply with the Occupational Heath and Safety Act and all relevant section pertaining to Working from Heights. OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND CSA and ANSI standards will also be covered.


Hot Work Certification

1/2 Day

This course will follow the Occupational Heath and Safety Act and all relevant sections for the Regulations covering this work practice in your sector. When staff performs Hot Work, a hot work permit and mandatory safety/engineering controls must be implemented.


Respiratory Awareness Training

1/2 Day

In accordance with CSA Standard Z94.4-11 (CLAUSE 3.4), the employer is responsible for training applicable personal in the proper use, care and fit of respirators. This workshop takes participants through these steps for safe use of required PPE.


Working At Heights

1 Day

Falls are a major cause of injury and death in Ontario workplaces. The vast majority of these incidents are falls from heights. Most of these injuries and deaths have happened because fall protection was either misused or not used at all. Our WAH program will hopefully help put an end to such deaths and injuries from falls. This program that you will instruct is a two-part program part one is theory based and part two is practical based.


Consulting And Services 

  • Auditing Services
  • Confined Space Assessments, Program and Rescue Plan Consulting
  • Enviornmental Emergency Plans (E2 Plans)
  • Health and Safety Risk Management Services - Property Management
  • Health and Safety Program Development
  • Health nd Safety Risk Assessments
  • Machine Guarding Consulting
  • PPE and Rescue Equipment Selection Consulting


Other Services 

  • Air Monitoring
  • Confined Space Standby Rescue
  • Fire Watch Services
  • Hazardous Materials Services (Asbestos, Mould, Etc.)
  • Respiratory Fit Testing Services
  • Video Safety Systems