Why should you hire a co-op student? 

Many employers feel today’s graduates have no concepts of the “real” world of work; we are providing this experience in co-op. Any job that gives the student related background in your business would be suitable. Co-op students are ultimately looking ahead to careers in businesses such as yours. For this reason they’re not expecting to simply put in time on the job, but are eager to get involved and make a worthwhile contribution. Participation in co-op also gives the employer the opportunity to try out a student’s capabilities without obligation or commitment to permanent employment.

This work oriented educational system integrates classroom study and paid, on-the-job work experience, by alternating periods in College with periods of employment by co-operating companies.

It is essential that the work experience be a normal one; that the student be treated like a regular company employee so that a realistic picture of the working environment in that field may be obtained. Perhaps most important is what students may gain from the working experience, ie. what is to be discovered, attitude to work, and the ability to get along with co-workers at all levels.

Adventure Expeditions and Interpretive Leadership - AEL1J

Architectural Technology - ATY1

Avionics Technician- Avionics Maintenance- AVM2


Business – Accounting (Co-op) - BAC4

Business – Finance

Business – Insurance

Business – Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Co-op) - BLS2

Business – Marketing

Business – Payroll and Bookkeeping (Co-op) - BPB2


Chemical Laboratory Technology - Science Technology (CLT1)

Civil Engineering Technology

Construction Engineering Technology (Management)

Computer Programmer Analyst

Computer Systems Technology

Cyber Security – CYB1

Electrical Engineering Technology

Electromechanical Engineering Technician- EMN2

Environmental Technology

Fashion Design

Fashion Marketing and Management

GIS and Urban Planning

Golf and Club Management

Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) - BCA1

Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Management) - BCM1

Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Digital Marketing) - BDM1

Honours Bachelor of Environmental Design & Planning - BED1

Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Human Resources Management) - BHM1

Honours Bachelor of Interior Design - BID1

Horticulture Technician

Hospitality - Hotel and Resort Services Management (Co-op)

Hospitality Management – Food and Beverage

Interior Decorating

Landscape Design

Law Clerk

Manufacturing Engineering Technician/Technology (Co-op) - MEN1, MEY1

Mechanical Technician

Office Administration - Executive

Research and Evaluation (Co-op) - RES2

Software and Information Systems Testing - SST3

Tourism & Travel