Business Writing Series

Today’s business environment relies heavily on the written word. Whether you’re answering email, writing a detailed report, or responding to a customer query, your effectiveness will be judged by your ability to write in a clear and concise manner. Regardless of what level of hierarchy you are at in an organization, business writing is a valuable skill that can have a positive impact on your career advancement and the growth of a company.


Module 1: The Basics of Business Writing

1 Day

Develop writing confidence and increase credibility in the workplace by writing well-organized, effective business documents. By understanding what readers want, organizing ideas to make the reader’s job easier, selecting proper openings and closings, getting the reader’s attention and keeping it, overcoming writer’s block, emphasizing important information, and constructing effective paragraphs with flow and transitions, participants are sure to master essential writing basics.


Module 2: Business Writing Editing & Proofreading Skills

1/2 Day

Learn how to polish documents: from editing sentences to make them clear, concise, cohesive and elegant to developing paragraphs that are clearly organized, selected accurately and contain descriptive vocabulary. Through a comprehensive review of Basic English, learn to locate writing errors that even experienced proofreaders may not notice!


Module 3: Collaborative Business Writing

1/2 Day

With the advent of the internet and more and more people communicating through email or social media, developing writing skills is just as important as creating proper documents. This workshop will give participants the knowledge and skills to collaborate with others and create collaborative documents. Types of collaboration and ways to improve documents through various tools and process will also be examined.


Module 4: Improve Email Results & Productivity

1/2 Day

Poorly written, ineffective emails are an epidemic in today’s workplace. In this workshop, participants will master how to strike the right tone, the importance of subject lines, mastering ways to persuade colleagues, management, clients and vendors, and how to get straight to the point. Also, determining appropriate use of informal vs. formal styles, the presentation of e-mails, how to create rapport with the receiver(s) and the best practices for email writing etiquette will be explored. After taking this workshop, participants will gain the necessary skills to write clear and concise emails that are sure to improve productivity in the workplace.



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