Marketing Series


Not only does marketing build brand awareness – it also increases sales, builds relationships and engages customers. Learn how to define your target market, choose the correct channel to engage your customer and build your brand. This series will challenge you to push for the competitive advantage you need to grow your business. By promoting the right product, at the right price, using the right messages and media outlets, you are on your way to success!


Crafting Your Marketing Plan

1 Day

Because the planning process is critical to the success of any product or service, the marketing plan is the most important document to guide the right teams to achieve the business goals of the organization. Building the marketing plan involves intrinsic knowledge of plan components, management skills, and collaboration abilities. Teams must also learn how to effectively craft, communicate, and execute the plan to reach desired outcomes.


Content Marketing

1 Day

Do you wonder why your banner ad isn't getting clicks? Why you can't prove the effectiveness of your outdoor ad? It is increasingly difficult to defend the dollars spent when you're not sure of the ROI. Content Marketing is a strategic marketing approach designed to garner brand attention by focusing on the creation & distribution of relevant and interesting content aimed at attracting and retaining a defined audience. It's about the pull vs the push; it's about the stuff people want to see.


Digital Marketing Part 1

3 Days

The success of every company lies in its customer base. This workshop will help you improve your ability to generate excellent content to attract target customers, understand what impact your marketing activities are having on your business and optimize your digital marketing strategy for maximum effectiveness and growth. Social media strategies for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. will be discussed.