Media Training & Presentation

Without some coaching and training in the art and craft of story management and interacting with reporters, few people manage the media well. Our workshops are designed for anyone in an organization who may be approached by members of the media and thrust into the spotlight. From planning messages to crisis communication, prepare to professionally represent yourself and your organization's brand.


Stand and Deliver

1 Day

Are you often called upon to give speeches or make business presentations for your organization – either in a boardroom or ballroom? A poor presentation or speech not only reflects poorly on the individual, but can also reflect poorly on an organization. In this workshop, we start with managing the stress and nerves of presenters, all the way to vocal tones and body language. An option to have a cameraman, with full gear, to film each activity session is available.


Media Communications

1 Day

Media coverage has the power to raise your company profile, or hinder it if “the story” is not communicated properly. In this workshop, participants will delve into the understanding and use of key strategies necessary to communicate the right message to the media. Topics such as how to make a pitch, preparing for interviews and quotes, presenting positive and negative news, etc. will all be discussed.


Video Training

1 Day

Video has become on the most powerful tools to connect with your audience. The thought of putting yourself on camera might seem intimidating at first, but when you know how to do it with ease plus confidence, people notice. This workshop will give you practical tips and tools to engage with the camera, stay on message, project a personable and professional image and stay demonstrate energy and enthusiasm through the camera.


Crisis Communication

1 Day

A crisis management workshop gives organizations who care about protecting their reputation the skills and knowledge to succeed in a crisis. Crises can hit the biggest brands and the best companies and their future success will be determined by the effectiveness of their crisis management approach. In this workshop, various crisis planning protocols will be discussed – including communication protocols for internal and external communication.


Do-It-Yourself Public Relations

1 Day

Public Relations is a huge engine – it has the power to grow your product, service and brand! Unfortunately, it also comes with a huge price tag. Today's entrepreneurs are doing it all themselves on a budget. In this workshop, you'll learn how to harness your own skills to get media attention and use social media and the internet to your advantage. You can write your own press releases, start your own campaigns, and get the attention of the public without the help of a big PR firm! It is doable – we promise!