Software Development & Coding Bootcamp

*Delivered Online

In partnership with Code Institute, we are pleased to announce a new series dedicated to bridging the tech skills gap, and the productivity gap between developers and non-technical professionals.
Technology has permeated every industry creating a surge for technically skilled staff. With this in mind, we developed our innovative Tech Fundamentals training series to complement our Coding & Software Development. Our goal is to not only to produce career-ready software developers but to train people to work efficiently with developers.
Bootcamp-style accelerated learning that emphasizes practical, project-based coding over theory.


The Breakdown

  • 480 Content Hours
  • Three Streams
  • Fully Mentored Online Learning
  • Completion in as little as 3 months


Target Audience

  • Career Changers/ Kickstarters
  • Upskillers
  • Entrepreneurs


Subject Overview

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • GitHub
  • Python (Django Framework)
  • MongoDB
  • JavaScript
  • Data Analytics
  • Version Control
  • Networking & Interview Skill Building


Stream 1:

Students create an easy to use, accessible web interface. Languages: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Angular.

Stream 2:

Students create a web-based data dashboard site. Languages: Python, DC.js, Crossfilter.js, Queue.js, JSON, Mongo DB, Flask and CSV.Stream 3:

Students create a full app framework, built and deployed to a live Linux environment. Languages: Python, Django and SQLite.