Web & Graphic Design


Web & Graphic Design

*Delivered Online

From paper to pixels, sketches to screens, professional graphic designers, illustrators, and multimedia artists create the images that inspire and inform today’s media savvy consumers. In the insatiable gaming industry, animators and graphic designers bring static images to life using sophisticated software applications. In businesses, they design and create nuts-and-bolts items like logos, packaging designs, and printed communications. With the variety of communication platforms and applications… the possibilities to make your mark in the visual world are endless.

*The following courses are offered on an individual base and can also be combined with custom training packages.


  • Dreamweaver Cs6 for Mac
  • Flash for Mac
  • Illustrator Cs6
  • InDesign Cs6
  • Photoshop Cs6 for Mac
  • Premiere Pro Cc
  • Video Editing 101
  • Video Production 10

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