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Lignition is a seed treatment company based in Brantford, ON. They manufacture a product that supports photosynthesis and promotes higher yields for crops. 

Project Summary

Lignition was interested in using one of their novel seed coatings to increase carbon capture of their crops. Fanshawe helped optimize the coating through various trials in their seed coater. Fanshawe tested different coating parameters to improve the distribution and consistency of Lignition’s product and provided Standard Operating Procedures for future seed treatments. 

The Challenge

Examine using novel seed coating to increase carbon capture. This involved optimizing the coating of seeds at different levels of treatment for improved distribution and consistency of the Lignition product using a seed coater ahead of field trials. 

The Solution

Fanshawe faculty and student research assistants:

  • Conducted test runs to optimize coating procedure
  • Measured and verified the distribution of the treatment and consistency of the seed coating
  • Treated the required seeds for the field trials using the optimized methods and provided Standard Operating Procedures for future seed treatments  

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