Fanshawe develops policies and procedures as a resource for staff, students and the wider College community. These documents are intended to guide decision-making around a number of topics, including student code of conduct, board governance and more. Policies and procedures are developed to reflect Fanshawe’s values and overall mission to provide pathways to success, an exceptional learning experience and a global outlook to meet student and employer needs.

College Policy Manual

Policy Manual Changes 

College Policy Manual Updates in 2024
College Policy Manual Updates in 2023
College Policy Manual Updates in 2022
College Policy Manual Updates in 2021
College Policy Manual Updates in 2020


Academic and Research Policies

A1: Academic Administration
A2: Research and Scholarship


Corporate Operations Policies

C1: Finance and Purchasing
C2: Property Management
C3: Communications
I1: Miscellaneous Administrative Policies


People Policies

P1: Health, Safety & Security
P2: Human Resources


Policy Related Documents

STD. College Standards
TOR. Committee Terms of Reference


Board of Governors' Policy Manual

Table of Contents


Section I - Board By-Laws
Section II - Category A - Ends
Section II - Category B - Board Processes
Section II - Category C - Board-President Relationship
Section II - Category D - Executive Limitations