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CTS is now offering a series of fully online courses on demand! You can now register and complete any of the courses from home. Upon registration, you will receive an email that will confirm your username and password and provide additional instructions. Once you successfully complete a course, you will receive a Fanshawe Corporate Training Solutions digital badge that you can upload to your social media platform.


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Dealing with Difficult People

6 hours

This course helps you to recognize the signs of escalating conflict and take appropriate action to minimize damage, with the goal of reducing the cost of conflict and improving business results. You will develop a powerful set of interaction skills that enables them to communicate more effectively, build trust, strengthen the team, and achieve desired results.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify your reactions to dealing with conflict
  • List conflict resolution models and methods
  • Develop a variety of strategies for dealing with difficult people
  • Gain a broader understanding of respect in the workplace
  • Explain factors that hamper a respectful workplace environment
  • Identify and practice strategies for communicating concerns constructively

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Building Consensus with Your Team

3 hours

You will learn about the importance of engaging employees and motivating for optimal results while meeting leadership challenges in a way that creates a mutually satisfying agreement on your team.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the basics of developing a team that acts in a purposeful way in their daily work
  • Describe key motivators for increased employee engagement
  • Tools to enhance team results through motivation, collaboration and influencing skills

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Conflict Resolution

2 hours

Managing conflict is an essential skill in every workplace. In this course, participants will learn de-escalation techniques and understand the cycle of aggression, from both the client and the staff's point of view. This will help participants manage conflict and situations more effectively through body language, listening skills, and personal space.


Learning Outcomes

  • Identify your reactions to dealing with conflict
  • Develop an understanding of the five conflict strategies
  • Examine conflict resolution models and methods
  • Understand why some people are difficult and why they bother us
  • Develop a variety of strategies for dealing with difficult people

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Microsoft 365 Overview

3 hours

Microsoft's Office software suite has persisted as a market leader since its inception. Office 365 has brought the renowned product line to the cloud, so that users are able to access applications and store data from any device they log in on, as long as they have an internet connection. This course will familiarize participants with the interface and navigation of Office 365, as well as explain the included applications and provide some tips and tricks for use.

Learning Outcomes

  • Access and navigate Office 365
  • Effectively access all included applications
  • Ability to choose the correct application for a given task
  • How to better collaborate with colleagues via file-sharing and communication tools
  • Understand what the cloud is and how it works

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Windows 10 Intro

2 hours

Windows' operating systems are the most used in the world, especially in the personal computer market. Familiarity and ability to leverage features in their newest operating system is necessary in practically every occupation. This course will familiarize participants with key features of Windows 10 and teach tips and tricks for the general use of the operating system.

Learning Outcomes

  • Improve your familiarity and confidence with using Windows 10
  • Understand and leverage the many functions of the new interface
  • Learn how to customize the start menu
  • Understand the differences between Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer
  • Examine the Microsoft Store and apps

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Planning & Execution: Fundamentals

9 hours

The current environment in which organizations find themselves is often characterized by uncertainty and unpredictability. And organizational leaders have a responsibility to do what they can to try and mitigate the risks and hazards within this environment while also ensuring they are ready to seize new opportunities. One of the ways leaders can achieve this is by ensuring their organization is armed with a robust and deliberate process for creating plans and then executing them with precision. 
The Planning & Execution: Fundamentals course is a joint effort brought to you by the Gasparotto Group and Fanshawe Corporate Training Solutions. Created by military veterans with decades of experience, this course takes what is often an ad-hoc and reactive process and, instead, presents it as a proactive, comprehensive, and easy-to-implement 7-stage framework that any organization can implement. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the problems they have been assigned and properly orient their team to the situation
  • Harness the power of their team to devise multiple plans and select the best one
  • Execute their assigned mission while simultaneously measuring progress
  • Deliberately learn from experience and transform those lessons into meaningful and lasting organizational change
Many organizations are content to forego planning and leave success to chance. For those leaders that want to be ready to face challenges head-on, backed by an arsenal of tools to facilitate planning and execution in any circumstance, the Planning & Execution: Fundamentals course will serve you and your organizations well.

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Presented in Partnership with Gasparotto Group




Hardening Windows Network Training

4 Days

This 4-day online security course teaches participants common attack techniques using a standard penetration testing methodology. This foundational knowledge is built upon by learning, applying, and testing defense and hardening techniques focused on Windows networks. Course work is hands-on and completed in a virtual-environment built to resemble a corporate network running Windows and Active Directory. This gives students practical knowledge and practice to ensure the core concepts can be applied in their own environments with confidence.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply operating system and Active Directory hardening techniques
  • Mitigate legacy software risks
  • Design tolerant networks that are resistant to present and future threats
  • Learn, through hands-on exercises, the most common attack techniques
  • Export the configuration files for easy deployment in their own networks

Participants have the opportunity to take part in a final lab scenario where they will:

  • Deploy host and network intrusion detection in a virtual Windows network consisting of Snort, Syslog, Firewall and Windows events
  • Use automated attacks, identify the source, type of attack and the intended target
  • Harden a virtual Windows network
  • Run automated attacks to test Windows hardening

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Presented in Partnership with Digital Boundary Group


Advanced Exploitation Security Training

3 Days

DBG's instructor-led course will teach students to recognize potential exploitation paths through a series of structured labs that simulate common attacks performed by DBG testers every day. These virtual environment labs provide valuable experience with typical exploitation tools used by attackers. Through a series of step-by-step simulated attacks, the instructor provides students insight into the attack methodology, possible outcomes, and suggested mitigation steps. The knowledge that will be gained will assist Network Administrators, Security Analysts, and IT Managers to be proactive in monitoring, identifying, and mitigating malicious activity in a typical network.

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Presented in Partnership with Digital Boundary Group


Crisis Leadership 

9 hours

A crisis can fundamentally disrupt the operating environment of any organization. An organization that is ill-equipped for a crisis may not successfully survive the challenge. On the other hand, an organization that is well-prepared, resilient, and agile can both overcome the challenges and seize the new opportunities. The Crisis Leadership Course is a joint effort brought to you by the Gasparotto Group and Fanshawe Corporate Training Solutions. Created by military veterans with decades of experience, it provides organizational leaders with the resources and skillsets needed to navigate through all stages of a crisis. It outlines the key initiatives that must be done prior to a crisis occurring. It provides easy-to-implement frameworks and decision-making tools to use when the crisis hits. The course also explores ways to emerge from the crisis stronger, more resilient, and adapted to the post-crisis environment.

Presented in Partnership with Gasparotto Group