Our amazing facilities

Fanshawe College, along with funding from the federal and provincial governments, recently renovated and expanded the science laboratory suite as part of a $10.2 million project to create a Centre for Applied Research in Biotechnology (CARIB).

CARIB contains just over 13,000 square feet of new biology, chemistry, instrumentation and physics teaching laboratories, along with biosafety level 2 tissue culture facilities and laboratories. Chemistry instrumentation will include liquid chromatography, gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy, atomic absorption and FT-IR.

Incubator space available

In addition to renovated space for academic programming, incubator space is available for industry partners. The industry research lab space will consist of three 90-square-foot offices, approximately 900-square-feet of Level 2 laboratory space, and common access to a 400-square-foot cell-culturing facility.

Our vision

The vision for the industry space is to support the initiation, validation and translation of biotechnology companies to the point of commercialization, while leveraging our students and faculty to directly assist with these activities. The goals are to generate employment, investment, and experiential student learning opportunities in the sciences.

The opportunity for students to participate in projects that are problem-based and industry-driven is an invaluable part of their learning and ultimately, their portfolio of practical experiences. Through the extension of our laboratory spaces and the creation of industry-specific research spaces and business services, we will increase our capabilities and the functionality of our training facilities.

Research opportunities: agri-food industry

Fanshawe is currently looking for agri-food industry partners for applied research opportunities in:

  • shelf life/food safety;
  • nutritional, chemical and molecular analysis (including food fraud);
  • plant and soil health;
  • food innovation;
  • wastewater and waste biomass.

Contact us

Lindsay Engel
Chair, School of Applied Science and Technology
519-452-4430 x4121