CASPer requirements

(For admission in September 2020 and beyond):

All applicants to the Western-Fanshawe Collaborative BScN program will be required to complete CASPer (Computer-Based Assessment for Sampling Personal Characteristics), a mandatory online 90-minute computer-based assessment as a component of the admission process. Applicants who do not complete the CASPer test will not be considered for admission. CASPer test results are valid for one admissions cycle. Applicants who have already taken the test in previous years will therefore be expected to re-take it.

CASPer is an online test designed to evaluate key non-cognitive skills, as well as interpersonal and professional characteristics essential for students to be successful in nursing programs and ultimately, as practicing nurses. Since CASPer assesses non-cognitive and interpersonal characteristics, studying is not required.

Prep for CASPer Test

CASPer Test Dates and Fees