Fanshawe's simulation labs offers student experience in high fidelity simulation. Lab spaces resemble a real clinical or community environment, complete with furniture, equipment and supplies that would be featured in the actual setting. As learners, students work with other students to care for realistic mannequins who serve as patients or clients. These mannequins can sweat, blink, have a pulse, breathe and even talk!

In the simulation lab, students participate in clinical scenarios specific to their profession. In these scenarios, students are able to enact their professional role, work as a team, learn to prioritize, think critically, make decisions and learn from their mistakes. Feedback is provided by peers and faculty after each scenario. This type of active learning assists with the integration of knowledge, skills and attitudes required for actual clinical practice.



Eleven Fanshawe programs currently use simulation, including:

Rental opportunities

Outside organizations who wish to start a simulation program or who require simulation for their employees’ education are encouraged to contact the simulation team. Clinical learning labs, simulation rooms, mannequins and simulation equipment are available for rent. Mannequin operators and technical support are provided for scenarios.

To learn more about this service, please contact:

Tania Killian  RN, CCN, BScN, BEd, MEd
Manager Simulation

Faculty of Health, Community Studies and Public Safety
T: 519-452-4430 x2024