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We’re in the business of creating leaders. If you aspire to excel in the rapidly evolving world of business, our diplomas will chart your pathway to success. With a focus on practical skills, industry connections and a comprehensive learning approach, our business diplomas are designed to equip you with the knowledge and insights demanded by today’s employers.

Embark on an educational journey that will shape you into a confident and capable business professional and choose a business diploma at Fanshawe’s Lawrence Kinlin School of Business.

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Fanshawe business student, in classroom setting, working with fellow classmates

Business (Co-op) (BUS2)

Students collaborating in common area, using laptops and taking notes

Business - Accounting (BAC2)

Fanshawe student smiling and sitting with other students in common area

Business - Accounting (Co-op) (BAC4)

A female Asian student is standing and presenting in front of a large projection screen about Investment Planning.

Business - Finance (BFN4)

A female Asian student is standing to present financial statements in a classroom

Business - Finance (Co-op) (BFN5)

Students talking in HR interview simulation at Fanshawe College

Business - Human Resources (BHR1)

Students listening to a lecture in a classroom

Business - Insurance (BIN3)

A male Indian student presenting in class.

Business - Insurance (Co-op) (BIN5)

Smiling student working on laptop in common area at Fanshawe College

Business - Marketing (BMK1)

A male marketing student listening to a presentation at his co-op job

Business - Marketing (Co-op) (BMK2)

Two female student presenting their Operations projects to their class.

Business - Supply Chain and Operations (BLS3)

Female entrepreneur working on her laptop

Business - Supply Chain and Operations (Co-op) (BLS4)

Admin assistant on a phone call at a desk

Office Administration - Executive (OAE3)

Office administrator looking at a yellow folder in a filing cabinet

Office Administration - Health Services (OAM4)

Hear from a Graduate

I chose the Business - Marketing (Co-op) diploma because of the opportunities it provided to translate classroom learning into practical real-world experience. The added advantage of the Kinlin School's education pathways to future credentials further solidified my choice. I can honestly endorse a business education from Fanshawe College, not just for the doors it opens up, but also for the campus amenities and the amazing faculty, who are each an expert in their respective fields, further enhancing the educational experience the diploma provides.

Ryan S., Fanshawe Graduate & Marketing Professional

Photo of Ryan Savoie

How do our business diplomas work?

Business Diploma Admission Requirements

The minimum requirement for admission to all post-secondary programs is an Ontario Secondary School Diploma. For our business diplomas, you’ll also require one English (12C or 12U) AND one Math (12C, 12U, 11C, 11U or 11M). A minimum final grade of 60 is required for any Math 11 course. Applicants who lack the required Mathematics may still gain eligibility for admission by completing appropriate prior upgrading.

Business Diploma Duration

Two years of full-time study (in-class and online options available); three to four years of part-time study

Business Diploma Delivery Method

Most of our diplomas are offered both online (asynchronous) and in-person for full-time study, and online (asynchronous) for part-time study, so you can choose the learning style that works best for you.

Business Diploma Co-op Progression

If you choose a co-op business diploma, you’ll be required to complete two paid co-op work terms which will not extend the length of the program.

Option A

Fall  Winter  Summer 
Level 1  Level 2  Co-op  
Level 3  Level 4  Co-op  

Option B

Fall  Winter  Summer 
Level 1   Level 2  Co-op  
Co-op   Level 3   Level 4  

Option C

Fall  Winter  Summer 
Level 1  Level 2  Co-op  
Level 3  Co-op   Level 4  

Option D

Fall  Winter  Summer 
Level 1  Level 2  Level 3 
Co-op   Co-op   Level 4  

Option E

Fall  Winter   Summer 
Level 1  Level 2   Level 3 
Co-op   Level 4  Co-op  
Business Diploma Specializations

When you apply to a business diploma program on OCAS, you’ll be required to choose a specialization, like Marketing, Accounting, HR, Finance, etc. Although this is required, please note that our business diplomas share a common first year of study and you will have the option to change specializations before your second year without extending the length of the program. If you want to learn more about the specializations we have to offer, check out our blog which helps break it all down.

Business Diploma Credential

Upon successful completion of a two-year business program, you’ll graduate with an Ontario College Diploma from Fanshawe College.

Business Diploma Cost

The approximate cost of a business diploma is $7,000; however, tuition costs vary by program and it’s best to review the individual program costs on the tuition and fees page on our website.


Business diploma pathways

Fanshawe’s Lawrence Kinlin School of Business is a leader in providing educational pathway opportunities so you can start with a business diploma and open the door to future education opportunities (e.g. completing your business degree)


You can also study a semester abroad on exchange at one of our partner universities, paying only your Fanshawe tuition, without extending the length of your program. You may even qualify for a study abroad bursary to help with additional expenses.


Business Study Abroad Opportunities 

Business Career Opportunities

The business world is vast and our diplomas will provide you with the skills, knowledge and hands-on experience required to be successful in the business career you choose. There are so many career opportunities that our business diplomas will help you prepare for. To learn more about some of the careers in business, check out the following blog posts: