Incident Reporting

Whether you are a student, employee, contractor or visitor, if you were injured while performing work for the college or on a student placement or while on one of our campus properties, please use the link below to report the incident. 

A copy of the report must be provided promptly to your immediate supervisor or College contact.

Unpaid Student Work Placements:

If you are a Program/Clinical Coordinator and your student, while on an unpaid placement had a WSIB injury, you must submit the following documents in addition to the Incident Report:


COVID Screening and Incident Reporting: 

Fanshawe employees and students who are coming to campus are required to complete a COVID-19 online screening assessment each day.

Please do not enter campus unless you have completed and passed the assessment. You may be asked by College staff to provide verification.

The online screening assessment can be accessed on any device using Fanshawe’s COVID screening form.


If you experience symptoms of COVID-19, you will need to complete Fanshawe’s COVID incident reporting